Five smart ways to upgrade an island kitchen

Everybody craves for the extra counter space an island kitchen offers, however if you are just getting one into the centre of the room, you’re for sure underutilizing it. Kitchen islands serve a range of functions; besides adding a visual retreat, they also enhance the efficiency and functionality of the kitchen space. Adding an island to kitchen space is a solid investment and this can be approached by many different ways. Since an island acquires a large amount of space, its worth to invest a considerable amount of time to create a functional space.

Below listed are some cool ideas to get the most out the island design, both professionally and functionally.

Add additional counter space

The design of the whole layout needs to be kept simple while adding valuable kitchen island. The whole purpose is to maximize the counter space to offer extra room to prepare meal, or having more than one chef in the kitchen or serve as dining table, etc. Go contrast by using different colour or material for the island counters than the rest of the kitchen space. If your regular kitchen countertop is dark stained wood or black coloured wood, try white quartz for the island. You can also opt for some top-notch designer theme by installing pendant lights above the island.

Create more seating areas 

Whether you are looking for a more casual bar-seating option or proper dining table, adding low-profile seating to an island kitchen can enhance the functionality, while creating a pleasant environment for both the cook and guests. Create a dining table or breakfast bar, leaving a counter overhang, so that you get sufficient space to arrange stools or chairs underneath the table.

Consider appliances

Adding stovetops or sinks into an island surface can give you extra room to do your kitchen chores. Consider consulting an expert or professional, as the installation can be tough, as you need to pay attention to other details, such as plumbing and ventilation. Also do take note that this arrangement will need overhead venting that can be expensive.

Make it multi functional

Use the island for multi purposes, such as food preparation and eating to maximize the utility. Add another dynamic by creating a new kitchen wing, such as wood with open storage.

Apart from getting more counter space, use island as multiple storage unit by adding shelves, cupboards, and drawers. This way you can avoid kitchen clutter, while also you can display certain items by using glass or open shelving.

Other fancy details to add

Mix metal and marble: The kitchen can be outfitted with butcher-block countertops and cabinetry, while the island can be topped with brass or marble to give an artistic look.

Mirrored surfaces: You can create a symphony by adding reflective surfaces, such as stainless-steel panels, chrome-top table, or vintage swivel chairs, metallic wallpaper or artwork, etc.

It’s time to make use of these ideas to create your modular kitchen island more than just another counter to chop vegetables or stack your items.

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