Do You Want to Get Your Air Conditioner Chemically Cleaned?

These days, air conditioners have become an important necessity of every modern house. Particularly, if you live in a certain tropical country like Singapore where the climate mostly remains humid and hot throughout the year.

However, due to cost issues, many people often tend to ignore the regular maintenance of these air conditioners. However, the aircon chemical wash price at Airconservicing may not be too high and hence one must consult them if their AC needs chemical cleaning.

However, the fact remains that annually most of the air conditioners lose about 5% of their efficiency, which means that your AC will not reduce the air temperature in the room, and despite that, you will end up paying a lot of money for your electricity bills.

What is chemical cleaning?

Chemical cleaning is the process where all the internal components of the AC will be cleaned by using chemicals.

In this process, the entire internal parts of the AC will be dismantled, including the filters, condenser, and evaporator coils, and thereafter they will be immersed into a chemical solution. By doing this, the entire sticky dirt particles that were deposited will get cleaned through corrosive acids.

Then the technicians will flush all the internal drainage pipes by using a chemical solution. It is always better to get such service through any reputable company like Aircon servicing, who will also properly check for any faulty components and replace them if necessary. After this kind of servicing your AC will work as a new piece.

What are the benefits?

Reduce your electricity bill

After getting your air conditioner thoroughly chemically cleaned you will notice a significant reduction in the electricity bill that you used to get before.

Addresses water leakage issue

Do not ignore the issues of frequent water leakage of your AC as dirty insects may get into the AC and pollute the air.

Removes bad odours from your AC

After a thorough chemical cleaning of your AC, you will not find any foul smell in your room.

Removes allergy

All the allergens got developed within the internal parts will be removed and you will get healthy air.

Your AC will not switch off unnecessarily

Your frequent switching off problem in the AC will get resolved.

Noise will become less

If your AC was too noisy then after such chemical cleaning, there will not be any noise.

Improves air quality

The air quality of the AC will be significantly improved after the chemical cleaning.

The life span of the AC gets increased

Chemical cleaning of your air conditioner will help you to increase the life span too.

Improves performance

You will notice a great improvement in the performance of the AC after chemical cleaning.

If you notice that your AC is not cooling your room sufficiently and frequently gives many different kind of problems, then chemical cleaning of your AC will be the right solution. You can share this info with your Pinterest friends too.

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