Clock Ticks Down to F1 Start

With pre-season testing underway, the 2022 cars have already been unveiled with some more testing yet to come showing how exciting the new cars are – with just a few weeks to go until the long season begins there has already been a lot of news that will change the ’22 F1 calendar, and this resource may provide players with great options for punters looking to get in on the action too. With what has already been seen, what’s likely to be the first round of changes seen to the cars, and what other big adjustments have already been made in F1?

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One of the major stories right now is with Haas as it’s struck with bad luck once again – with the current events occurring in Eastern Europe it may be looking for both a new sponsor and a new driver – whilst the team seem to be defending Mazepin, it may be out of there hands to what actions can be taken with the FIA looking to make the ultimate decision on the matter. Pietro Fittipaldi would be the favorite to take the seat, but rumors have also nodded towards Giovinazzi getting another drive – it’s still an evolving situation however, so expect plenty of change. Something that isn’t evolving is the cancellation of the race in Russia, however, as it’ll be struct off of this year’s race calendar. 

For the cars themselves, the first bit of evolution may come from something being referred to as the porpoising effect – it was something that first coined quite some time ago with the Lotus F1 car, it was something primarily happening to the high downforce cars and with the 2022 models all being designed with downforce in mind as the underfloor tunnels suck the car to the ground, this has been show as an increasing problem. The design changes suck the car to the ground, but as the floor hits the ground the downforce is lost and the suspension springs the car up, only to continue repeating with the generation of further downforce and subsequent loss that has the cars ‘bouncing’ along the track – there have been some suggestions on how to fix this, but the teams that are able to discover the best fixes heading into the season will come out with a clear advantage over those still suffering through the problem. 

March 20th signals the first Grand Prix of the year and will be host in Bahrain, so there’s still some time to get everything sorted out – either way it’ll be an exciting start to the season with uncertainty around which teams will thrive and which haven’t done enough work. 

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