Bunaken Island: The Best Land of Water Adventures

Bunaken Island is one of the most majestic and popular snorkelling, snorkelling and traveling spots on the planet. Located in Indonesia, it is home to tourists, travelers and water sports enthusiasts. The city of Bunaken is truly an island, located near a major city in Indonesia. That makes it a little hard to see. The island is located in the shape of a banana. This 890 km² Indonesian marine park has other neighboring islands besides Bunaken Island. Cooperation and Maintenance of Bunaken Island Maintaining Bunaken Island can be a bit demanding. Coordination between domestic and local governments, investment professors, conservation and studies teams, and environmental individuals has made maintenance simpler, more cost-effective, and effective.

As a result, many experts argue that Bunaken is a growing case that shows the Indonesian nation can and if further conserves marine resources. Around 20,000 local people on the island live in peace, most of the waters of Bunaken National Park have caused various conflicts between the indigenous people and the more important government. Bunaken Island as well as a tourist site Bunaken playground is famous all over the world for its water attractions. Most marine organisms were observed from the dry summer time). Beautiful steep walls can be observed in certain places. This partition is best for the development of a wide variety of marine plants. East Bunaken, located on the east coast of the island, is very famous and most prominent. Various world-renowned experts affirm the Bunaken Islands as the best diving spots in Indonesia. In some places on the Island, the thickness of this water is 1,500 m.

Diversity of marine life of the Bunaken Archipelago Both fauna and flora of Bunaken have an extraordinary beautiful biodiversity. Including 70 species of coral plant genera with different colors, shapes; five different species of marine plants; great fish farming options. Seventy percent of all plant species that live in the waters of the Indo-West Pacific are available here. Even white tip sharks and great reef sharks with black tricks are very characteristic of the deep ocean. Beautiful resident dugongs, rare and wild barracuda, and lettuce almost always come from pelagic waters at various times of the year. From time to time, saltwater crocodiles can also be seen from the marshy areas of the islands.

The climate of these islands is usually slightly higher than that of the tropics and subtropics. The rainy season here lasts from November to mid-April. Storms occur frequently, reducing visibility. In high temperatures, visibility is greatest. Bunaken gets less rain than mainland Sulawesi from the northwest. Tourism on Bunaken mainly focuses on great divers around the world. Yet over the years that trend is shifting today. Apart for the people, most snorkelers visit to simply relax, have fun and enjoy the various beautiful natural resources.

A chore for tourists and water sports enthusiasts Beach combing, especially at low tide, is readily available. Hiking in the north and east of the island is quite common. Fishing is popular but beyond the boundaries of the park. Tourists watch whales & dolphins during diving or just by private boat, the most important attraction is diving. Steep walls and strong swift currents imply that it is mostly for advanced divers. There are lots of beginner friendly sites too. The dive shop can arrange various water dive classes. Snorkeling, it’s a brilliant experience. There are various hotels for travelers and tourists to stay.

Strategy to see the island. It should always be remembered not to interrogate with a spring. That could be simply because the currents can be very strong and change rapidly. One needs to pick a certain point about the island, not go. It is not very safe unless one is an experienced swimmer and specialist. People often bring specialist tour guides along. It is much better to consult a tour guide and specialist, experienced sailor, before diving into deep waters. From the Bunaken Islands in Indonesia, excellent, rare and diverse animals and plants are preserved. This endangered species has been conserved and protected by all world-class scientists and specialist social activists. Drop by the island now to observe these species in their own nests.

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