Benefits of a Custom Decal Over Repainting Your Ford

If you are looking to get a fresh new look for your Ford Mustang or Truck, you may have considered giving it a nice paint job with some custom designs. The price tag for a paint job can be very pricey and may take up to a week or more for a high-quality job. Custom decals can end up saving you time and money while delivering a more customizable and reversible look for your Ford.

A custom paint job can take a lot of time, money, and effort to produce the look you want. Additionally, trying to get a specific logo, symbol, or another customized look for your car may cost even more time and money. Repainting a Ford takes anywhere from a few days to weeks, depending on the quality of the job.

A paint job requires paint to be removed from the car manually. Once the layers of paint have been sanded or blasted off, the painting can commence. A good paint job will need several coats of paint. Before a new coat of paint can be applied, the previous layer must dry. Because of this, a good paint job may last for several days or even weeks. Most of that time is spent letting the layers dry.

A decal can make giving your Ford a facelift much faster and cheaper. This is applied after a thorough cleaning. It takes a lot of precision to properly apply the material, so the process may take a few days to complete. Once all the decal has been attached, your Ford is ready for the road again! The material only requires one layer and can be applied over existing paint.

Decals have advantages over custom paint jobs. For one, they protect the original layer of paint first applied to your Ford. Custom decals can be removed fairly easily to reveal the protected color underneath.

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