7 Challenging Activities in Lake Toba That You Must Try

Lake Toba is among the most important tourist destinations in North Sumatra. The huge crater lake, the largest in the world, was shaped by a large volcanic eruption more than 70,000 decades back. At the same time, I’ve already written about some of the other highlights of Sumatra (like Pulau Weh with its great diving, Tangkahan where it is possible to take a sea excursion, and Bukit Lawang where you can view Orang Utans.

It will be well worth it! From chilling out in solitude or with friends, enjoying the unspoiled nature, meeting the friendly neighborhood Batak people and soaking up the most laid-back ambience, there are lots of things to do at Lake Toba to keep you amused. We have shortlisted some of the most incredible things to do in Lake Toba. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Check Out Some Amazing Waterfalls

Samosir Island is home to breathtaking waterfalls. The waterfall is on the northern border of Lake Toba. You may hike up the waterfall for an awesome view of the surrounding landscape (there’s a nice guide to the falls here). Another nice waterfall to inspect is the Binangalom Waterfall, which cascades into the lake. It is a fantastic spot for a refreshing swim on a hot day and one of the best things to do in Lake Toba.

  • Visit The Ancient Court of Ambarita

Ambarita is a historical village on Samosir island. It’s famed for the 300-years-old ‘stone chair courtyard.’It was here, the priests and the rulers of the surrounding villages held council within the destiny of criminals, who were frequently decapitated and thrown into the lake. A grisly end to a bad deed. It is an interesting place to visit if you’re searching for things to do at Lake Toba.

  • Kayak Around the Lake

One of the greatest things to do around Lake Toba is kayaking. Out on the lake, you may feel one with nature. You can easily rent a Kayak and go paddle away to the crystal clear waters of the lake. You will be spoiled by the views of volcanic mountains touching the sky above.  It is a reviving experience! As an alternative, you could also go fishing on a traditional fisherman’s boat.

  • Trek to the Top of Pusuk Buhit

Pusuk Buhit climbs 1,972 meters above sea level. The mountain is more revered in Batak tradition. According to local legend, it is the birthplace of the Batak King and where the Batak tribe originated. It takes approximately 5 hours to hike to the summit of Pusuk Buhit. The mesmerizing 360 degrees view of the island and the neighboring lake at the very top of Pusuk Buhit will blow you apart.

  • Explore the Town of Tuktuk Siadong

If you go to the island of Samosir your first stopping point is the town of Tuktuk Siadong.  The town is calm yet lively. There’s plenty of accommodation, charming bars, and restaurants. You can remain in a traditional Batak-style bungalow and simply wander about, and meet the friendly locals and revel in the views of the lake before settling down to explore the island further. If you’re trying to find somewhere to stay around Tuktuk Siadong, try Laster Jony’s and Gokhon Guesthouse if you’re on a budget. Horas Family house is an excellent mid-range choice. It is basic, but comfortable and the hosts are adapting. Toba Village Inn is the ideal hotel on the island.

  • Lounge in a Hot Spring

Situated at the foot of Pusuk Buhit you’ll find some natural hot springs. It may be better to call these ‘very hot’ springs. Or possibly hot springs. A few of the springs have been funnelled into little swimming pools where you can soak in the seas and relax. They are inexpensive and very basic, but an intriguing place to see whether you’re able to manage the hot temperature of their water.

  • Hire a motorbike and Drive

The best method to watch Samosir Island, which covers 1,707 km²is by angling. Most resorts and homestays provide motorbike rentals. A motorbike rental will cost you more, about IDR 50,000 daily. Do note, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so make certain you don’t rate and remember to always wear a helmet! It is even possible to take good rides round the lake. Not all that courageous? You can also rent a bike to observe a bit more of the surroundings.

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