4 Landscaping Ideas for Your Bountiful Home

Grass Alternatives

Corsican mint, creeping thyme, clover, and evergreen moss are all types of grass alternatives that require significantly less water than the traditional grass found in Bountiful landscape designs such as tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass. Corsican mint boasts a vibrant green and is much softer than most types of grass. Additionally, it emits a “minty” aroma that will make your lawn stand out from others. Corsican mint does not require full sunlight nor does it require much water, making it ideal for landscape designs in the dry, unpredictable climate of Bountiful. Unfortunately, Corsican mint does not do well with excessive foot traffic. If your yard is constantly being trampled on, consider using creeping thyme instead. Creeping thyme manages itself, growing only two to four inches high and requiring almost no maintenance, other than occasional watering. Additionally, it is extremely resistant to foot traffic and possesses a unique purple color that will set your yard apart from all of your neighbors’ yards. Clover is another drought-friendly grass alternative for your landscape design, requiring watering twice per week when first established but no watering after that. It spreads easily, enriches the soil, and is available in many colors including white, green, red, and yellow. Evergreen moss is a great option if you’re looking for something a little softer than grass or weeds. Moss thrives in shady areas and requires no weeding, watering, or fertilization.

Drought-Tolerant Plants

Contrary to popular belief, not all gorgeous trees and flowers require regular watering, weeding, and maintenance. A few beautiful, water-wise flowers for your Bountiful landscape design include pasque flowers, plumbagos, stemless four-nerve daisies, California fuschias, broadleaf penstemons, and blanket flowers. Certain types of trees also thrive in Bountiful’s dry climate, such as big tooth maples and desert willows. Pasque flowers and broadleaf penstemons are vibrant violet with yellow centers while plumbagos are a simple baby blue. Stemless four-nerve daisies are golden, California fuschias are crimson, and blanket flowers are both, creating the sensation of a sunset. Whatever the design of your landscape, there are drought-tolerant flower and tree choices for you.

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Big Pine Landscaping provides landscape designs in Bountiful, Utah, and the surrounding area.

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