3 Tips for a More Successful Deer Hunting Season

Does this year mark your first season of deer hunting? Perhaps you have a season or two under your belt but still, feel pretty novice. Regardless, you are searching for some helpful tips and tactics that will be sure to put a hide in the deer cart. The three following tips should help with just that.

#1 – Get Some Range Time In

Many hunters ensure that their rifle is sighted in, but oddly, few shoot their rifle enough to be proficient at it. Ammo can be pricey, but wounding a deer or missing it entirely, is even more expensive than buying an extra box or two of ammo to pack in your hunting cart. Going to the range should not be solely to confirm the zero on your rifle; it should be becoming proficient at using your rifle. Find a range that offers long-distance shooting, and look forward to a fun afternoon testing your shooting abilities.

#2 – Stay Out As Long As Possible

It’s fairly common to see hunters head back to camp for lunch. The issue with heading back to camp for lunch is deer are still in the woods, and often this is when they migrate from one area to another. Deer typically move to stretch after a morning feed or hide from the hot sun. Unfortunately, you’ll be very unlikely to shoot a buck from camp, so the question is, why head back there during the day? Packing the right food, water, and supplies in a hunting cart allows you to stay out as long as possible, increasing your chances of a successful hunt. Your hunting cart will also make it easier on the way back after a long and exhausting but rewarding day out in the woods.

#3 – Bring The Right Equipment

This may sound obvious, but if you truly want to stay out as long as possible and increase your likelihood of a successful hunt, ensuring you have the right equipment on hand is critical. A unique way to bring more bang for your buck is packable deer carts. A single-wheeled packable hunting cart is lightweight and brings convenience and functionality together by allowing you to bring back your buck, stopping an inclination you may have about dragging your trophy. You can also carry any supplies in your pack and even carry your cart on your back when going over tricky terrain to your specific hunting spot.

Deer season always seems to be approaching, and with these tips, you are better prepared to stock your freezer full. So with these tips in mind, pack up your cart and get out there!

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