3 Essential Features to Add to Your Custom Home  

Hardwood Flooring

If you’re considering hiring a custom home building company to construct a new home for you in Salt Lake City, be sure to add hardwood flooring to your design. Hardwood floors are available in oak, maple, cherry, bamboo, wenge walnut, ash, mahogany, and more! They are extremely versatile, and each species can be colored and customized to match your home’s theme. Generally, hardwood flooring is available in sizes from ⅝” to ¾” thick. You may consider finished or unfinished flooring, depending on the look you’re going for. Hardwood floors are especially easy to clean (they can be swept or vacuumed), and far less likely to be damaged than other types of flooring, making them ideal for kitchens. Furthermore, they are stain-resistant, durable, and long-lasting, and may even add value to your custom home in the long run. Most hardwood flooring doesn’t fade, and if you change your mind about the color, it can be refinished to match your new theme.


If you’re building a custom home in Salt Lake City, a personal library is a necessity. Not only are libraries a great way to store books, but they also serve as a serene study environment for children, teens, and adults alike. Libraries can also double as dining rooms, creating a unique, vintage feel. Libraries are most commonly fashioned with black, white, or wood shelves, and many of them have windows to reduce any sensation of clutter. You may also consider adding an antique book display if you’re more of the old-fashioned type. In larger houses, some libraries even have two floors, staircases, and ladders. Before you finalize the design plans for your custom home, incorporate a library.

Walk-In Closet

Walk-in closets are underrated and underappreciated. Walk-in closets can be used for shoes, jewelry, makeup, coats, and jackets–not just basic clothes! As you design your custom home, see if you can fit a walk-in closet to the plan, ideally connected to the master bedroom. Add a bench in the center with storage for items such as shoes and sandals, and the bench can be used when putting on socks and shoes. Additionally, a spacious closet can serve as a great changing room when the bathroom isn’t available. Add a walk-in closet to the floorplan of your custom home in Salt Lake City!

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