2021 Audi R8 is the Vehicle to Buy in Present Times

2021 Audi R8 is the vehicle to get if one is looking to buy a remarkable sports car these days. It offers upscale interior and edgy exterior along with power, performance, precision driving, and more. Moreover, its mechanics and engine share similarities with Lamborghini’s Huracan but offers more of subtle statement. Also, its exhaust note sounds more than enough to send chills down one’s spine.

With mind-blowing specifications and features makes this is a must buy for people looking to spend some money on sports cars. Hence, go through the supreme specs below before visiting Santa Cruz Audi dealership and booking one.

Superior engine and excellent performance

When talking about sports cars, the first thing one check out apart from its design is the engine that is equipped in it. The 2021 Audi R8 comes with significant changes as R8 comes with two variants of V-10 engine, both of which are good enough to provide otherworldly exhaust sound and offer an exquisite experience for driver and passenger.

It generates 532 horsepower for the entry level models but higher end trims can offer as much as 602 horsepower. Also, it is mated with a seven speed automatic dual-clutch that offers an acceleration that every driving enthusiast wants to feel when driving such a vehicle.

Furthermore, base models are equipped with adaptive suspension, while fixed damper aggressive setup is Audi uses for the R8 Performance versions. Both type offers people comfortable ride by soaking up every bump on a rough easily for an ideal driving experience even during long trips.

It’s a sports car so fuel efficient is not as high and is at par with its rivals. It provides 13 mpg and 20 mpg in cities and on highway.

Elegant and upscale interior

In one word – luxurious is how the entire interior should be defined. Instrument cluster doubles as infotainment display making it a simple yet elegant and refreshing layout. With mesmerizing sports seats along with digital high-resolution gauge cluster, one will keep staring at its beauty.

To put the icing on the cake, Audi allows a few specific interior customizations related to textures and colors such as contrast or matching stitches, quilted or flat pattern, etc. It is a stunningly implemented cockpit with user-friendly controls that makes it a must have car in modern days. You can check it out in detail from Audi dealership Santa Cruz.

Models of 2021 R8

The base model starts from $145,895, which is V10 Coupe RWD. Next on the line is V10 Spyder RWD that costs $158,095. The last two models include V10 Performance Coupe Quattro and V10 Performance Spyder Quattro and these are priced at $200,295 and $211,695 respectively. Though, when buying such a supercar people tends to splash a little bit more to get the Performance models; however, if you are not willing to spend over $200K, then it is suggested to stick with Spyder RWD version at least.

Therefore, all you need is to visit a dealership and take test drive before finalizing your booking!

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