Why Users Need to Use VPNs and Hva er Personvern?

Online privacy is a fiercely debated issue in the online community. Do companies and governments have the right to use the data you share on the internet? Only if you’re an imminent threat to the country! If you’re not (like 99.99% of the population), these agencies have no business surveilling your data or keeping a record of your internet activities. The NSA leaks prove otherwise. Government agencies like the NSA and others around the world do use and collect your data. Such privacy breaches of Orwellian proportions need to be stopped. Only self-dependent internet users can do so. Their ultimate tool? Virtual Private Networks!

Why VPNs are the Ultimate Tools

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) enable users to browse the internet anonymously. When you use the internet on a VPN platform, all of your data and internet history gets encrypted. Hence, government bodies, companies, hackers, or even your VPN service providers cannot access your data without your authorization! Hva er personvern? It is the right to anonymity and safety on the internet. VPN providers provide these two rights to internet users for a small monthly fee. Download and install a VPN of your choice and change your IP location to browse the internet as a global citizen!

Added Benefits of using VPNs

VPNs not only ensure taushetsplikt og personvern on the internet, but there are also some added advantages. Users can change their IP address to any location in the world. So, you also get to access content from all over the world without having to deal with geo-blocks. For example, to access Netflix content that’s specifically meant for US citizens, change your location to USA and stream as much as you want. The internet speed is the same, and the video quality does not suffer at all. The best part is that VPNs are completely legal. Internet privacy is your right, so changing your IP address on the internet is a protective measure that you have every right to take for yourself. 

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