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Why Durian Should Be Part of Your Christmas Celebration?

The holidays are near, and you know how special it is for your family to get together and eat at one table. For mums like you, it is always your goal to make the celebration significant and enjoyable. Good food is usually the tool that you use to accomplish the essence of togetherness, so you want to serve something new to the table when the time comes. Well, if you have no idea what you can serve this holiday season, then you might want to think about adding durian to your fruits basket! It is a peculiar fruit that is incredibly delicious, but you might already know that, and people who you expect to be at the table probably know the rich flesh and creamy texture of the fruit. Therefore, you should not hesitate to add a durian on your online delivery from a fruit store! Let this article elaborate on why it is time for you to add durian to your yearly tradition.

Why Durian?

Singapore (SG) is one of the Asian countries that adores the taste of durian, and it is not only because they are so tasty, but also because they offer plenty of benefits for the body. Here are some of them:

It makes you happy

You can expect a night full of smiles and laughter when you serve durian on Christmas eve because the amino acid tryptophan in them gets converted to serotonin! It is a neurotransmitter that induces happiness, so you feel relaxed and elated after eating durian.

Control blood pressure

Christmas is also the day you get to eat many salty but flavourful foods that are bad for your blood pressure. However, if you consumedurian after a meal, you can rely on its power to control your blood pressure! It is thanks to its richness in potassium.

Source of energy

Christmas might be the only day that you get to see special people in your families like your nieces and nephews. If so, you would want to bond with them longer to make up the time you did not see them. The best durian delivery can provide you with enough supply of durianto be your source of energy. It has enough carbohydrates to give you a quick release of energy!

The Symbol of Durian

Durian is more than the ‘King of Fruits.’ In Southeast Asia, they see durian as a symbol of mystique! It is most likely because of its appearance where it has a spiky and tough flesh. More than that, the pungent and lingering aroma that it has can permeate everything around it. The mystery of this fruit is stripped down when you know what is inside. It is called mystique because the magic begins as you take the first bite of exquisite delicious taste that the fleshy yellowish pulp that it has inside! The aura of mystery, power and awe that surrounds each fruit has made the durian a big success among its loyal fans. Thus, you should include it on Christmas to bring a lot of people together!

Where to Order Durian Online?

It is understandable to feel fear and anxiety when you go to crowded markets that you end up not going for your safety. Of course, to every problem, there is a solution. You can still enjoy the treat of eating durian on Christmas when you order your fruits online. However, there are factors that you should know and consider, like:


There are certain methods that buyers do when they are buying fruits at the market. You might be one of those people who gets a durian and holds it next to your ear and shakes it. Usually, a ripe durian has soft flesh, and it means that the seeds inside it can bang around the shell, therefore sounding like a maraca filled with gak. You cannot do this when you purchase online, so the best way to ensure that what you will be getting is fresh is to check reviews of customers!

Varieties of Durian

A lot of customers agree with the argument that a seller should know what they are selling. You cannot trust someone who does not know what they are offering, anyway. Therefore, if you are ordering from a website, they should have an option for when you want to get:

  • Mao Shan Wang
  • Black Pearl
  • D24
  • Golden Phoenix
  • XO
  • Red Prawn
  • Green Bamboo
  • Black Thorn
  • Black Gold


Last but not least, the supplier of the durian is a factor that you should consider. It will determine whether you will get a good durian or not. Also, it will determine if you will get your order on time! A great supplier of durian can conduct delivery all over SG. You can find the right one for you when you ask your friends or family for recommendations, searching online stores, or reading local bloggers who can recommend online stores! Be sure to read the reviews of their customers to know what you can expect from them.

Now that you are acquainted with every info that should persuade you into serving durian fruit on the day of Christmas, then you might want to start your fruit shopping today!

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