Top 3 Bitcoin Apps in South Africa

Bitcoin is the hottest traded cryptocurrency around the globe. Bitcoin’s popularity in the majority of countries makes it easy for investors to convert BTC to their regional currency. For the South African cryptocurrency investor, it is easy to convert BTC to ZAR.

If you are new in the world of cryptocurrency, finding the best bitcoin exchange can be challenging at first, but with little research, you can find many good exchanges that provide services in you for South Africa. But, on your hunt for a bitcoin exchange, you must be to be aware of falling in any scam that is very common in the cryptocurrency world, hence research as much as you can to avoid falling into any trap.

BTC is trending in many countries with a large base of users that provides the opportunity for people to invest. You can easily exchange BTC to ZAR, which is a great advantage for South Africans. Here are a few exchanges app listed for South African investor to buy BTC:


LUNO is the popular Bitcoin exchange in South Africa, Singapore, Nigeria, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Luno offers buyers who place orders in the market and wait for seller 0 % fee on their buy order. Luno offers instant transfer of bitcoin.

Advantage of Luno

  • One of The Most Popular Bitcoin Exchanges in Asia.
  • Low Withdrawal Fees

Disadvantage of Luno

  • Allow trading of only BTC and Ethereum.
  • You can exchange BTC to ZAR on the Luno exchange platform.


Coinama allows users from almost every country to safely buy and trade Bitcoin. Despite providing so much freedom, the Coinama charge about a 4.9-5.95% fee on every purchase order.

Advantage of Coinama

  • The platform is open to the customer to almost every country
  • You can use the credit card to buy bitcoin
  • Provide high limit credit for credit card users to buy BTC.
  • Safe and Reliable exchange platform
  • Easy to convert BTC to ZAR on coinama

Disadvantage of Coinama

  • Charge high fee for bitcoin broker using credit/debit card


Bit panda facilitates high payment limits and low fees payment methods. Bitpanda offers the user to make a large payment order by giving a higher limit option on the credit card, debit card, SOFORT, Skrill, NETELLER, giropay, eps, SEPA, and Online Bank Transfer to invest in Bitcoin.

Advantage of Bitpanda

  • Charge Low fees on buying order
  • Reliable and Safe

The Disadvantage of Bitpanda

  • The fees levied by bitpanada are not open.
  • Lack of transparency

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