Things to Know before Adopting a Kitten

Adopting a kitten or debating it? There’s probably nothing better than rescuing a wide-eyed, velvet-nosed ball of fluff. Even if you’ve had a kitten previously, it’s good to refresh.

Adoption age

It’s recommended to separate kittens from their mothers and siblings around 10-12 weeks old. However, if the litter hasn’t had much human interaction, bring them home around six or seven weeks.In terms of personality, aim for an inquisitive, lively kitten that isn’t bashful.

Cattery prep

Before introducing Kitty to her new home, secure any things she may chew, swallow, or choke on. Keep pens, pencils, rubber bands, jewellery, balloons, and other tiny things out of reach of paws. If you have additional pets, make sure they’ve visited a vet lately to avoid infection.

Cat proofing

Window cords, outlet covers,roach or ant traps and electronic cables must be removed. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is toxic to cats, so keep that away. Garbage can lids and dryer doorsmust be shut all the time. Household products like bleach, detergent, and antifreeze may be extremely hazardous.Visit the site to know about cats and kittens.

Cat’s quiet space

Set aside a quiet space apart from other furry family members for Kitty to adapt. If she has trouble sleeping, keep a ticking clock beside her bed. Open her container and put her food, drink, litter box, and toys nearby.Avoid toys with tiny components that may quickly detach and strangle pets. String, yarn, and ribbons may annoy cats, but they may tangle or strangle Kitty. Small plush animals and trackballs are safe and encourage activity.You may like watching Kitty play more than she does, but you should also study her at rest.

See how she enters and exits her carrier in her new room. Even if she rushes in, she may require extra time to adjust. If she saunters, she’s eager to explore more.

Limit human contact

Limit human contact during the first few days, then introduce family members one at a time so she becomes used to everyone’s touch.To handle a kitten, place one hand under the front legs and the other beneath the hindquarters. They should also know not to pull on Kitty’s scruff, ears, or tail. Even if tantrums occur, children under four should not handle Kitty, particularly unattended.The other family pets will instantly smell out their new sister, so introduce Kitty on her land, not in the house, which is their domain.

The resident cat(s) may watch the kitty momentarily. If a hissy fit breaks out, separate the siblings and try again later. Prevent Fido leashed when he meets her, and keep Kitty from running away, otherwise, he may believe it’s time to pursue.Reward excellent conduct with well-deserved rewards. Also, monitor playing until Kitty is fully grown.

Can we spy on the cat?

To start, let Kitty explore one room at a time. Keep her open carrier nearby in case she becomes frightened and wants to flee. Let Kitty roam as you keep an eye out for her hiding beneath a bed or a couch. If she begins kneading your costly bedding, gently return her to the floor.

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