Things To Consider In Choosing A Church Management Software

It could be quite a challenging task for you to select the best church management software for your organization. There are many options you would love to choose from, but it takes time and experience for you to select the best one. In this article, we shall go over essential things you need to consider in choosing a church management software. This will enable you to make the best selection and help you pick out management software that will satisfy your needs.

Tips For Selecting A Church Management Software

Membership Management

The church management software you are going to choose should be one that can capture and track all your member’s data. The data needed to be monitored includes:

  • Contact details of the members, such as their names, address emails, and phone numbers.
  • Date of birth marriages baptisms and groups your members belong to in the church.
  • Family structures, single married and divorced
  • Information concerning young adults and youths
  • Details of first-timers and guests.

Attendance Management

The church management software you are going to select should be able to track the attendance of your members. It should have the feature to help check if your members Mark themselves present at an event. It should be able to keep all the records of attendance in a report for easy access by the church administrator.


Can the software help you collect pledges and donations securely? The software should be able to allow members to make donations online and also keep track of the gifts by monitoring or cash and transactions. Accurate reports and statements of total contributions should be made available by the software. The software should also have a feature which can track the progress of pledges I’m also communicating with the donors.


The software should provide you with tools that can enable you to reach the increasing demands of your followers and members. To do this, it should be able to update you with the profiles of your church members. It should have an accurate record-keeping and church texting feature that marks people present or absent. Members should also have access to upload their data and information.


Your church management software should be able to set up events and track important dates of your members, such as their birthdays and anniversaries. To do this, it should be able to manage events and volunteers. Tracking of annual leave and logging sick leave is another essential feature to be considered.


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