TheOneSpy – Number 1 Android Spy App in 2020

There are scores of applications rightly available letting users to keep track of a mobile phone. However, every app differs in features, price and compatibility providing different outcomes to different users. Here, we have reviewed the most advanced tracking app for android mobile phones that is particularly developed for child monitoring and employee monitoring. TheOneSpy can be considered as the number one spy android phone app of the year which is credited to its high-tech features, affordable price and efficiency. Read on to know what stands android surveillance app out than the rest.

TheOneSpy – Android Spy Solution

This is a high-tech android monitoring app that enables parents and entrepreneurs to keep tabs on cell phone use of children and workers remotely. The app allows monitoring and controlling a mobile phone without having access. The phone can be supervised and operated via web-based control panel of the app. The surveillance software enables parents and employers to restrict their kids and workers from unproductive acts and wrongdoings by keeping a secret eye on their digital activities. 

Core Features of Android Surveillance Software

The app offers a wide range of high-tech spying features supporting both rooted and unrooted android mobile phones and tablets. We have elaborated here the most significant features of the app. Check them out!

GPS Location

The android surveillance app secretly accesses the GPS location of the targeted phone. The current location of the phone can be seen via online portal of the app. It also hosts location history and geo-fencing. 


You can read inward and outward messages of your concerned ones without accessing their phones. The app secretly syncs and uploads all online and offline chats to the online portal. It includes SMS, MMS, emails, instant messages and social media chats.

Phone Calls

The phone calls received and made by the object can be listened by getting these calls recorded with the help of the parental control app. The app secretly records all phone calls and uploads to the online portal.

Call History

The app provides access to call history containing information of incoming and outgoing phone calls. It also provides contact numbers of callers and recipients.

Photos & Videos

The app allows sneaking into the photo gallery of the targeted android phone. It creates an online backup of voice recordings, videos and images saved on the device. The end-user can see all media files and can retrieve deleted photos and videos via online portal.

Internet Browsing History

The high-the surveillance app lets you watch out internet usage of your kids and working staff. It accesses the internet browsing history of their phones including browsing details of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It also provides access to bookmarks.

Social Media Apps

The use of commonly used social media apps can be overseen with the help of cell phone tracking app. It allows closely watching out activities performed on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Tinder and many other social apps.

Instant Messaging Apps

The popular instant messaging apps can be followed with android surveillance solution. It tracks WhatsApp, Line, Snapchat, Skype, Viber, Hangout, Kik, Telegram and many other instant messengers.


The app allows seeing and capturing what the target is seeing, typing or doing on the targeted phone. It takes screenshots of make video of the screen to capture activities of the object.


The cell phone spy app records keystrokes applied to the monitored android phone. It enables the end-user to access passwords and monitor chats in form of keylogs. 


The contacts saved on the targeted phone can be traced and managed with the help of parental control app. The app allows making additions and deletions from the contact list without accessing the phone.  

Mobile Apps

The mobile apps installed on the targeted phone can be managed without taking cell phone into custody. The parental control app allows blocking, uninstalling and unblocking mobile apps via online portal.


The targeted phone can be used as a bugging device with the help of surveillance app. It allows watching and capturing the surrounding scenes by turning on cameras and microphone of the device. It takes photos and makes short videos on receiving remote commands sent by the end-user via online portal.

You can enjoy many more features of the android tracking and parental control app of TheOneSpy. Click here to know more about this high-tech app. 


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