The Complete Guide To Working With Production Houses In Singapore

TV series, films, vlogs, and other video content became a huge part of our daily routine during the COVID-19 pandemic. We wake up, attend Zoom meetings, binge watch our favourite shows, and do it all over again the next day. Some advertisements made by the leading TVC production house in Singapore even became a source of entertainment to many.

A study conducted by Purely Streamonomics showed that production spending attained new heights in 2020. Asia spent around 27.7 billion US dollars to create fresh content last year, 19.8% higher than the amount they exhausted in 2019. TV and film companies in Singapore worked hard to release new flicks to satisfy the growing demand of the people in lockdown. Numerous local and international brands collaborated with them to provide entertainment that Singaporeans can escape to during these trying times.

Abundant advantages await in working with the top production houses in Singapore. But before you place the image of your brand in the hands of these media professionals, it’s better if you get to know them first inside and out.

What Is A Production House?

Millennial Studios defined production houses as companies that create various video outputs shown on televisions, social media sites, movie screens, and other media spaces. The top production houses in Singapore are composed of film, animation, TVC, or general video production companies. They are involved in the overall video-making process—from content development to the launch, they never leave a video unfinished.

Some of the duties fulfilled by TV and film companies in Singapore include:

Content Planning

Every film, TVC, and other video production house in Singapore will help you cultivate a story that can ripen your brand or idea. They can formulate concepts around your thought and assemble them into a video that successfully translates your vision.


Not every video company offers this service, but the top production houses in Singapore do. After finalizing your concept, a team of writers will pitch a script for your video. These talented screenwriters will set the scene and fill the dialogue in your media content through their written work.


Film and TV companies in Singapore hire the actors and production crew required to make your video happen. They will scout, screen, and employ individuals who fit the specific demands of your motion picture.


The top production houses in Singapore are equipped with high-quality cameras, microphones, lighting apparatus and other top-grade filmmaking contraptions. They can also make your vision come to life by performing creative camera tricks and fascinating video effects.


Whether you are planning to work with a TVC, film, or animation production house in Singapore, you will not have to worry about the logistics behind the making of your video content. They will come up with a detailed plan that plots the whole team’s schedules and prepares the equipment and location for the filming.


The Advantages Of Working With A Production House

Knowing what film and TV companies in Singapore do is not enough to conclude whether you or your organization should hire them. You must also find out if working with them is worth it. To make your decision easier, here are four benefits of working with a production company:

Expert Content Creation

The top production houses in Singapore are composed of talented individuals who have a passion and creative eye for filmmaking. They carry knowledge and expertise in producing motion pictures that capture the hearts and minds of Singaporeans.

Better Picture Quality

Phone cameras and flashlights are not enough to make top-quality video content. You need to have the best resolution, lighting, and other conditions to deliver clear-cut picture shows. Thankfully, every film, TV, and TVC production house in Singapore is rigged with top-of-the-line equipment and software that gives the best video outputs.

Fixed Budget And Timeline

The budget and timeline you agreed on at the beginning of the process will be followed during the content creation. The finest TV and film companies in Singapore will strive to make limited to no changes to the conditions you set during the agreement. They recognize your terms and commit to them until your content is released.

All-In-One Production Services

The services that TV, film, and animation companies in Singapore provide can handle everything your video needs. Numerous steps are involved in the planning, preparation, and execution stages of your flick. From brainstorming to filming, production houses will help you give life to your concepts while saving your time and resources.

Tips For Working With Production Houses

Have you decided to hire a video team to create your content? Great! But before you make movie magic with expert filmmakers, you must first prepare a list of everything you need from them. Here are some tips to remember before shaking hands with a film, TV, or TVC production house in Singapore:

Explain Your Objectives

During your initial meeting with a film or TVC production house in Singapore, you must first explain why you decided to make your video. Share your vision, target audience and platform, and desired outcome with them. Don’t be afraid to say the filming style or overall mood that you have in mind. Production companies love hearing suggestions and feedback from their clients to ensure they produce your content according to your concept.

Set A Budget

The top production houses in Singapore will want to know how much your budget is to let them imagine what they can make with the amount you have. They can also use your financial plan to limit their spending throughout the production process.

Look For The Best Video Production Partner

The perfect production partner is not the first company you see in the long list of production houses in the country. The best film or TV companies for you match your Singapore vision. Make sure to ask for portfolios and watch demo reels when scouting a production house. Their previous work will let you know if you found the right company that can effectively turn your ideas into reality.

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