Shhh: 12 Secrets That An Interior Design Company Does Not Want You To Know  

The place you work or live can play a huge role in your productivity and lifestyle. If the interior design of your company in Singapore looks dull, would you and your employees enjoy working? Certainly not!

The same goes if your HDB has a lousy interior design that makes you want to invite your family and friends outside instead of serving them freshly made meals at home and be uncomfortable with the outdated colour scheme and whatnot.

All of these situations are possible to happen and probably—already happening—to some people. According to Psychology Tomorrow Magazine, an interior design can affect one’s happiness in some ways. Such a case is not surprising since a narrow space can make it hard for people with claustrophobia to breathe.

12 Secrets That AnInterior Design Company Does Not Want You To Know

1. Be Consistent With Your Colour Palette

Even though it seems like mixing and matching different styles is a big no-no, that is not true. The only problem with this method is that homeowners and business owners often use more colours than necessary.

To avoid colour explosion, be consistent with your colour palette. Using three to four colours is your safest bet to make your space alive and sprinkle some personality.

2. Use Can Use What You Have From The Current Interior Design

Rather than buying new materials and pieces of your HDB, you can use its current interior design in Singapore. As long as they are still in acceptable condition, they are good to go. A few tweaks and repairs can make them look new again.

3. Map Out Your Gallery Wall

Even though Hole in the Wall is a fun game show, it does not look good if the interior design structure of your home or office also has holes in the wall. Consider mapping the wall where you plan to hang your picture frames and paintings by taping some papers on the wall.


4. Leave Some Blank Space

Adding too many pieces of furniture in a room can make it look small and stuffy. If your condo unit has that kind of interior design in Singapore, chances are you often bump into one of the fixings, causing you to have some bruises here and there.

To resolve this, empty the entire room and slowly add what you need. Make sure there is enough space in between furniture so you can walk and move around without trouble.

5. It Is Okay To Mix Old With New Interior Design

While the concept of time travelling does not yet exist, that does not mean the past and the present cannot meet. Mixing the old and modern interior design is possible and can make any space one of a kind.

When mixing the old and latest interior design, you need to consider what kind of old you have in mind. Here are your options:

  • Retro
  • Industrial
  • Rustic
  • Bohemian
  • Classic

6. Hide Away The Utilities

Another secret that an interior design company in Singapore does not want you to know is that you can hide away the utilities. By creating a built-in cupboard, your place will look neat.


Your visitors will be in wonder how you cook when they see no stove or refrigerator insight. With this trick, your home or office will become memorable to anyone who has been there.

7. Display Real House Plants

Instead of displaying faux plants, exhibit real plants! The real thing does not only make your space look good but also keeps the air fresh. And for practical purposes, you can plant some vegetables to save up for your food. Now you can live more healthily by displaying real house plants.

8. Always Order Samples

This secret might be obvious, but most people do not know that they can order some samples of the materials they want for the interior design of their company. For example, if you plan to use wallpaper instead of paint, you can request samples so you can check whether or not they suit your space.

9. Make Flooring Cohesive

It is one of the secrets that an interior designer does not want you to know that you can do to make your space look bigger than it is. All you need to do is use the same flooring for all the rooms and add carpet to create divisions.

10. Let In Natural Light

A cost-effective way to make your space look brighter is to let natural light come in. You can do so by having a huge window in a room. Once done, you can expect it to look cosier and look more welcoming.


11. Make A Small Space Seem Bigger With Large Art

Another secret that an interior design company does not want you to know is that you can use large art pieces to make a small space seem bigger. Make sure the painting you will hang on your wall matches the colour scheme of the room so it will become its focal point.

12. Invest In Designer Pieces

Instead of buying regular pieces of furniture from a regular furniture shop, consider investing in designer ones since most have distinct shapes and styles. Including this inside your space can compliment the interior design of your space and make it more memorable not to all of your guests.

Furthermore, designer pieces often have higher resale value than ordinary furniture.

What Is The Most Important Of All Interior Design Secrets?

Considering these interior design secrets for your company or home in Singapore can make your place one of a kind. But you do not have to follow them all because what matters the most is your gut.

When it comes to revamping the interior design of your space, your comfortability should be your utmost priority. Since that is where you will be spending most of your time, you need to always feel at ease and comfortable.

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