Save yourself from not gambling away all your money

Gambling games are a great way to make money. However if not taken care of correctly one can lose all their money and can never come back to normal. There are several simple and easy tricks and tips that can help you to save a lot of money for the next day. It may happen that one day you are about to lose all your money and if you lose all your money that day itself then you don’t get a chance to try your luck the other day. Here are some tips to save your money in online casino games like bandarq.

Have a gambling fund

Killing all your money in a single day is the worst thing that anyone can do to oneself. One should be organized and maintainable with the money. You can have a gambling fund set aside with tags printed on that. The set amount can be kept aside on a days basis or weeks basis. With this, you have to make sure that you spent the money as per the tag. You should not put your handle on a tag that is not following the day. This approach will keep you within limits and would assist you to be within limits.

Prioritize things

Being flown away could be a mistake that you make with gambling. Gambling is not bad what is bad is you getting indulged in it too much. Have the pie as far as you can. Gamble only on what you can lose. Priortoise your saving and take a bit from it for your gambling. This way you won’t be broken or won’t have much to lose in the future.

There are some emergency expenses that everyone has and you need to keep them aside. This would encourage and would put you in a much better place at the gambling table.

Stop the greed and the pain

Maximum loss and the maximum win is the rule for gamblers and investors around the world. Nothing is permanent in this world. Hence if you are wining, the greed to win more can bring you down to nothing. So make sure that you make a maximum win amount and leave the table. This is the same in the case of winning, the pain of losing thrust the adrenaline inside you to attempt to play one more game. If the bottom threshold is touched, keep quiet and leave the table ASAP.


These are some golden rules that can take you a long way when playing games such as bandarq. Make sure that follow it as strictly as possible.


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