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Great Sudoku players are not born, they are made. With every challenge, they adopt the art of cutting through the visual clutter to scan the most valuable and needed information. No matter how many successful or unsuccessful Sudoku games you have played, it is important to keep participating and improving your skills. 

So, if you are looking for something to challenge yourself but at your ease, try playing the Easybrain Sudoku free game available on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The game is available for beginners as well as advanced players at four different levels – easy, medium, hard and expert. by Easybrain is a mix of more than 10000 different puzzles where you can give your brain a solid workout with its medium, hard, or expert levels.

This Sudoku, free puzzle game, is quite promising and will increase your focus, logical thinking, and diligence.

Free Sudoku Puzzle Game by Easybrain

This intuitive yet challenging app is easy to play and is also pretty addictive. However, you must be exceptionally excellent at shutting off your mind to the outside world and concentrate on the game. The best players have an orderly mind and remain calm even under pressure during a challenge. So, keep doing what it takes to complete the Sudoku free puzzle and enhance your skills, taking them to a higher level.

What does this Sudoku, free game, has to offer? Without always having to carry around a pencil and newspaper, you can start your challenges on the phone with this very intuitive and highly addictive app. To begin with, choose from any of the 10000 free puzzles available on the application. The 9×9 grids are well structured, having some cells pre-filled with numbers. From 1 to 9, fill the blank areas, so each row and column has a unique digit. The app offers both landscape and portrait modes for better visibility. Once you perfect yourself at spotting the right patterns, even the expert level will become easier.


You can participate in daily challenges, be a part of seasonal events, and also take note of the statistics. If you ever get stuck, the game also indicates hints so you can easily keep going at it. Advertisements could be a little intrusive; however, if that isn’t bothersome, you will be hooked to the challenges for hours together. It will become your favorite pastime activity.


To know more about the features of this Sudoku, free-puzzle game, check out the download links of the app, and spend your time keeping the mind sharp and involved.  

Train your brain and download the game now! 



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