Melbourne has the best Strip Clubs in all of Victoria  

If you are looking for a strip club near me, you might want to do a quick internet search. A simple internet search will give you a list of some of the most popular and well-liked strip clubs in the area. You can delve deeper and find out what kind of performers they have, what the VIP room will cost, and all that you can actually expect to find in each of these clubs. If you are suffering from cabin fever for being forced to stay home for months, you should be happy that businesses are now open. You can finally go out and have a great time just be mindful of the safety protocols that most clubs will insist on. You will find that a lot of strip clubs take safety protocols very seriously which should lessen whatever safety concerns you might have.  

The “new normal”

As what politicians and bureaucrats ruling us want, we all have had to adapt to their new normal way of life utopia, masks, and sanitisers everywhere we go. You should feel safe in a strip club because everyone takes illogical bureaucratic precautionary measures quite seriously, even the ones that make no sense. There are also fewer patrons that can be allowed into a club and the staff and the dancers take measures to keep surfaces clean. This current situation is a drag and honestly speaking, a lot of people suffer from Covid fatigue. Most of us need a break away from our boring and stressful everyday lives or we may need some spice in our mundane, predictable lives – Strippers provide some relief. 

Strip clubs might look like immoral dens of inequity with naked women sliding off poles and a few more trying to get you to pay for a 5-minute lap dance but they aren’t. Modern-day clubs are less conservative and draw different kinds of clientele. They are far from spaces that allow more men to “cavort freely” but there are rules that have to be followed – no exceptions. They build a reputation and become a sort of social club where people with a shared interest can indulge and find an outlet for everyday stresses.

Visit your local Strip Joint

Even with restrictions and regulations, punters are still flocking to strip clubs, not only just to enjoy nude girls performing but to have some human interaction even if there is a 2-meter distance between the stripper and other customers next to each other. Strip clubs are no longer the hidden, dingy places no one wants to be caught in. Melbourne has a dozen strip clubs and most of them are located in the CBD. They may not advertise themselves loudly but they are well known within the community. Just ask around or better yet entering a search “strip club near me will give you a list of clubs in your area that are popular and offer a variety of amenities. Some of the well-known strip clubs you may come across include Kittens, Spearmint Rhino Gentleman’s Club, Goldfingers, Dreams Gentlemen’s Club, The Men’s Gallery, Magic Men Melbourne, Maxine’s Gentlemen’s Club, and Sin City Gentlemen’s Club. There is a strip or gentlemens club that is just perfect for you. Go online and search for clubs that are in your area and visit one for a good night of pure unadulterated fun. 

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