Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Ideas

Many people do not have the time or money to replace their whole cabinetry, which accounts for the overall renovation expenditures.

Kitchen cabinet refinishing is a great way to update your space and bring your kitchen to life. 

Ideas for Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

  • To prepare your cabinets for refinishing, remove the cabinet parts and label them to ensure the proper placement. Place Post-it notes on a non-conspicuous back corner of the cabinet, and do the same to label the parts. Line them up in your work area once all the cabinet parts are out of the way. To finish the project, stain the doors of your cabinets last.
  • You can use glaze to give your cabinets a subtle or dramatic look. Apply glaze to the entire cabinet door, then wipe off the excess glaze with a cloth. 
  • If you are short on cash, interior painting your kitchen cabinets can be a good option. Paint will give your cabinets a new look and open up a variety of texture and color choices. Consider adding a metal panel with stamped designs for a more affordable option. Ensure to select a color that compliments the rest of your kitchen. 
  • Consider changing the door handles to a more stylish one. This way, your cabinets will look better and last longer. While painting your kitchen cabinets will not fix any existing damages, they will look better overall.
  • Add glass fronts. This can be a valuable idea, but it is handy for those with small kitchens. Glass-front cabinets are an excellent method to enlarge or open up any kitchen with little effort.

Refinish your kitchen cabinets today!

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