Importance of the company Registered Address for You

Those who are thinking about starting their own business have a lot to look forward to. In addition to the major things, there are numerous little ones to cross off your list, which takes time and energy right from the start. If you’ve opted to operate your firm as a limited liability company, locating your registered company location should be at the top of your priority list.

Trade addresses are separate from registered company addresses, yet they might be mistaken for one another from time to time due to their similarity in location. In addition to HMRC and Companies House paperwork, this is the address that appears on all public records and information about the company. Even though it is your company with registered address, remember that it is a separate legal entity from you and as such must be registered in a specified area.

In the meanwhile, here are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing a site for your newly registered firm.

Is it better to use your home’s address instead?

When someone asks for your address, your house is frequently the first thing that comes to mind; nevertheless, please be aware that your residential address will be shown on the public register. Do not use your home address in order to ensure that your personal information is safe from prying eyes. As an alternative, you should choose an address belonging to a third-party company or organisation. Almost typically, your accountant or company formation agency will suggest that you get a virtual registered company address for your firm. In order to receive HMRC and Companies House letters, you do not need to do business at this location.

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Is the way people see your company critical to its success?

Consider how prospective customers or business partners will see your company in the future before deciding on the registered company location. Home-based businesses, like those who produce handmade greeting cards or bake cakes, don’t have to worry as much about attracting a corporate clientele as bigger corporations do. While in the corporate sector, you may be concerned about your image and whether or not your consumers would take you seriously..because of your company. Everything is based on perception, and your company’s image is no exception.

What is the actual location of your company’s headquarters?

If your company is formed in England and Wales, you need to be aware that the registration address of your company must be situated in those nations. If your company is incorporated in Northern Ireland, the registration location must be situated inside the province. It’s the same for any Scottish-registered corporation, too. Your company’s registered office cannot be relocated outside of England and Wales unless in the case of a merger or acquisition between the two countries. It is crucial to be aware of this fact.

For each country in which you’ve registered your firm, you’ll be given a unique company registration number. Firms incorporated in Scotland begin with SC, whereas those in Northern Ireland begin with NI. Companies registered in England and Wales do not have a prefix at all.

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