How To Perfect The User Onboarding Process?

What exactly happens when a new user signs up for your services? If you are like other companies, you might send a few emails to welcome them. You might also give them a virtual tour the first time they log in. Most companies think that the virtual tour guide can address onboarding new users. But always remember that they have come to you for a reason. Hence, it would be best if you were motivated enough to make them feel comfortable with your product. 

A Brief Overview of User Onboarding

Onboarding refers to the procedure of helping new users experience the ways through which your product would help them. It is about proving to them that your product has the right suite of solutions to address their requirements. In case you don’t do that quickly, users are going to leave. Onboarding helps new customers to do exactly what they came to do. With user onboarding software, you can guide your customers through every step of the product lifecycle. 

Leave Something to Be Discovered

A common onboarding mistake is to ask too much from users. Most tools nowadays ask their users to proceed step by step. If you instruct your users with all actions right at the measure, the experience can be overwhelming for them. Moreover, by notifying your users one at a time, you provide them with room to discover your app’s features. Always remember that during user onboarding, you should commence with the most straightforward action. This also enables you to foster a stronger bond with your new users.  

With Apxor, you can now help users to discover your tool’s unique features. You also get personalized walkthroughs to assist users with effective onboarding. If you have a feature-rich application, you should always opt for Apxor.      


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