How Much To Expect To Pay For A Landing Page Design Tool

The modern business world is filled with uncertainties and turbulence. Although the World Wide Web offers a slew of opportunities to grab prospects, there’s stiff competition online. You ought to come up with something unique that will drive user attention amid tough competition. Eye-catchy landing pages help you steer customers toward your products. However, designing landing pages could be a time-consuming task. You need an automated page design tool to save time and hassles. Nonetheless, the cost of such tools can put a heavy strain on your budget. So, how much to expect to pay for a landing page design tool, like the price of Kartra?

What to pay for a landing page builder?

When it comes to landing page builders, you’ve a slew of options. Many vendors offer a wide variety. You could get lost in the varied selection. The availability of so many tools widens your search. However, it makes your choice equally daunting. If you choose any design tool, you may either pay too much or have a tool that doesn’t align with your specific needs. It’s best to shop smartly in view of your requirements to make the right choice. Here are your popular options.

Free software

Although landing page design tools come at a cost, you’ll stumble upon some free applications too. You may be inclined to pick a free tool. However, don’t be in haste to choose such software. Check the features of the application before moving ahead. If you fail to do that, you could wrap up with an application that serves no purpose.

So, note this point and make a checklist of free page builders. Review the features of each tool in line with your needs. Remember, free tools come with certain limitations. Also, you won’t get any support from the vendor. These tools are best suited for beginner marketers that need a basic application to get started. Once you advance in your venture, you may need more features and support.

Moderately-priced tools

If you’ve tested your skills in marketing, you may want to move forward. Ideally, you need help with customization and support. A moderately-priced tool should suffice your situation. Such a tool could cost anywhere between 25 dollars to 60 dollars per month. You can simply drag and drop the images and text matching your keywords. Within no time, you could create hundreds of such pages. However, such tools don’t offer too much freedom with respect to customization.

High-end tools

A high-end tool can increase your campaign budget, but such an application is worth every penny. Whether you want to build a lead generation page or sales funnel, you’ve complete freedom to do so. Even better, you can streamline your email campaigns or SMS marketing endeavors. Best of all, you can perform A/B testing to pick the most appropriate design for your funnel.

Plus, you enjoy persistent support to resolve your queries as they come along. The cost of such applications ranges between 100 dollars and 300 dollars per month or even more. It’s best to sign up for a free trial to check the application. That way, you can make an educated selection.

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