How Mobile Technology Has Changed the Betting Industry

The mobile era is here now that the number of mobile internet users has trumped the population of desktop users. In 2019, over 68 percent of website visits came from mobile devices and the latest data reveals that 51 percent of the people of internet users worldwide are using their mobile devices and only 49 percent would do so with desktops.

This is why many industries are now shifting their focus to the mobile market. It’s hard not to when over 5.2 billion of the world’s population are mobile users. The majority of these people are also online. It’s no wonder why many businesses in industries like e-commerce and gambling are now focusing on continuously developing their mobile services in the form of their mobile apps.

Nowadays, many people are dependent on their smartphones. They use it to communicate with friends and family, play games, do some banking, pay their bills, and even gamble. The best cricket apps in India are gaining more attention now that the cricket calendar is packed. The ICC Men’s World Cup is ongoing and yes, many are now placing their bets on certain betting apps.

Mobile Betting Trend

The betting industry is continuously growing and is set to do so for the coming years. What seems to be driving the market is the accessibility of gambling sites. Nowadays, it’s a breeze to place a bet on any sport. Whether you’re thinking about betting on cricket, football, or basketball, there will always be a betting app that you can rely on.

The mobile betting trend has significantly grown last year when the pandemic started. With governments implementing lockdowns, millions of people found themselves with a lot of free time. Many looked for new hobbies and forms of entertainment and some ended up placing bets online.

However, sports betting experienced a bit of a dull moment at some point last year. For the first time in forever, major sports events have been either postponed or canceled. For a while, people didn’t have a lot of sports events to bet on. Still, this didn’t stop betting operators as many of them found odds on events that are not sports-related like reality shows and politics.

Aside from those, e-sports also bloomed last year and this resulted in people giving more attention to e-sports betting. This is why the sports betting scene continued to thrive during a pandemic. Since more people are now using their mobile devices to go online, mobile betting was just up the charts.

In Asia, India has a very promising mobile betting market. India’s population is at 1.38 billion and 749 million of them are online. Around 744 million of these online people are mobile users. The country has a deep relationship with sports especially cricket and it’s no surprise that its local betting industry is huge.

Some European gambling companies have been eyeing India as a new market to dive into. This stemmed from how the United Kingdom, which has one of the biggest betting markets worldwide, is becoming stricter with its gambling regulations. European gambling companies just can’t help but think of the next big market and some of them believe that it will be India. After all, many Indians also love to gamble.

When it comes to the Indian betting market, companies are more focused on their mobile services. This is because it’s a mobile country with over 740 million mobile users. The most popular betting sites in India like Bet365 and 10CRIC do offer betting apps to their customers.


The mobile market now plays a huge role in the bright future of the betting industry. People nowadays prefer doing things on demand. Through mobile apps, punters get to place their bets anytime and anywhere they are. Apps have made sports betting a whole lot easier and not at all stressful.

With more people shifting to mobile betting, we can only expect betting apps to keep on getting better. Today, these apps are not just for betting on sports anymore. Many of these would also allow their users to play real money games. Some would also feature articles and updates on different sports. Live streaming of matches is also becoming a trend when it comes to betting app features.

Punters don’t even have to hesitate about downloading a betting app anymore. While logging in on a website is still easy, nothing will beat the experience of being able to shop for bets with just a few taps on your mobile device.

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