How a Wellness Massage Can Help You Through Morning Sickness

Good news, after trying many times, you’re now officially pregnant! The best day of your life is when a doctor announces that a baby grows inside you. And as a mother, you have the instinct to protect the precious life developing inside you no matter what happens. Due to this motherly love, you might do things in desperation to stay healthy during your pregnancy. You might eat the wrong food you thought was healthy, or perhaps you may try wellness massage to see if it will work.

But when it comes to your pregnancy, being unsure should not be your option. Words like: “It might, I’m not sure, or maybe” should not come out of your mouth. After all, your health is at risk when you’re reckless about your prenatal body.

So, to help you during your pregnancy, let this article show you if wellness and womb massage is safe for your baby and your health.

Is Wellness Massage Safe for Pregnancy?

The answer is yes. But, for sure, most people wouldn’t just go to a spa to get a massage because they still don’t know why it’s okay for a pregnant woman to try a wellness massage. To clear some confusion, let this section give you the answer to why pregnancy is safe for the pregnancy period.

  • There are safety measurements you can follow before trying a womb massage.
  • Some people are not good candidates for a massage service like pre-eclampsia, pregnancy-induced hypertension, recently given birth, and other medical issues.
  • Of course, there are more benefits if done right! As long as you’re getting safe massages, your health will be fine.
  • You can go to a registered massage therapist. Professional therapists know the proper technique of wellness massage.
  • There are correct methods for prenatal massages.

You can say that wellness and womb massage is generally safe as long as you’re meticulous when looking for massage services. If you find a reliable provider, you can expect to get these benefits. Better continue reading to know more about them.


 The Great Benefits of Massage to Pregnant Women

Are you feeling tired after waking up in the morning? Does it feel like you want to vomit, plus you have back pain? These signs are the beginning of your motherhood! Indeed, it feels uncomfortable carrying a baby inside you, but this pain can be a fruit of your hard labour.

There are many ways to make your experience less painful and stressful during pregnancy through womb massage or wellness massage. You can even try breast firming in Singapore after giving birth to bring back the shape of your body.

Massage can be a helpful tool during your prenatal and postnatal journey. So, if you include it in your self-care routine, here are the great benefits you may gain.


1) Reduce Swelling on Your Feet and Legs

As you increase your weight due to your growing belly, you’ll pressure your feet and legs. As a result, it can cause swelling due to improper blood flow. It is because a heavier weight can affect the circulation of your blood. If neglected, you may even develop varicose veins or spider veins. To bring back healthy blood flow, go to a wellness message to stimulate the soft tissue and promote smoother blood circulation.

Don’t be surprised if you also experience swelling on your hands because your body produces more blood and bodily fluids to sustain your baby’s needs. Apart from the wellness massage, you can also do exercise to reduce the swelling.

2) A Good Night’s Sleep

Getting eight hours of sleep during pregnancy may not be an easy task. You’ll feel pain, or you may also twist and turn throughout the night to find the correct sleeping position. Also, in the first trimester, you’ll experience hormonal changes that will disrupt your sleep schedule.

Since you need sleep to regain your strength, you still need to make efforts to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep at night. And if you find it difficult to achieve, you may get a wellness massage and womb massage to relax your overall body.

You can go to your massage therapist twice a month or once a week to relax your nervous system and release happy hormones. This way, you won’t overthink before going to bed.

3) Relieving Lower Back Pain

During pregnancy, your body will have physical changes to adjust for the labour. And so, your ligaments will become softer and stretch to make your conceiving less painful. With this, it’s common to feel lower back pain that may irritate you throughout the day. Luckily, you can go to a wellness and womb massage to have instant relief.

Remember to make your pregnancy experience less painful; you have to prepare for your labour. It’s best to familiarise yourself with massages like lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore that helps with water retention and clearing away toxins after giving birth.

4) Prepares Your Body for Labour

Aside from naturally preparing your body for labour, you can also try womb massage and wellness massage to give your body a more effortless labour experience. You’ll feel less stressed through massages, relax your muscles, and have a better mindset. You can also prevent experiencing postpartum depression as massages can help you manage your emotions.

Massages can also help you stay in shape after giving birth. You can try natural breast enhancement in Singapore to avoid sagginess that brings back your fit body! With the massage benefits, you should include them in your self-care routine.

5) Less Risk for Premature Birth

Premature babies can have more health risks in breathing, heart, brain, and blood. Parents are responsible for avoiding giving birth three weeks earlier than the expected labour period. Luckily, you can make ways to ensure a healthy pregnancy journey by prioritising your wellbeing. One way to do so is to attend a wellness massage or womb massage. A study even shows that moms who regularly attend massage sessions have less for premature birth.

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