Exploring IBDP in Singapore: Why IB PYP is A Must in Singapore

When it comes to getting the best education on the island, experts have suggested that an IB primary school in Singapore is the best way to go. If you don’t enrol your kids in an IB PYP in Singapore, giving them the skills they need to do well internationally.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the presence of IBDP in Singapore. So, to help young parents make an informed decision about their child’s future, we’ll be exploring what IB PYP is!

What IB Means?

The International Baccalaureate or IB is known for its high academic standards. Initially founded during the 1960s, IB is meant to offer high quality and challenging educational programmes meant to prepare students to become global citizens.

In Singapore, IB offers three levels of education; IB Diploma Programme (IBDP), IB Middle Years Programme (MYP), and the IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP).

IB PYP is meant for students aged 3 to 12. On the other hand, IB MYP is for students ages 11 to 16 while IBDP is for students between the ages of 16 to 19.

What Makes An IB Primary School Different in Singapore?

The International Baccalaureate programmes aim to teach kids all the skills they need to succeed in both life and school!

While helping kids develop the core skills they need to do well academically, like critical thinking and research, an IB primary school aims to teach them about inquiry, action, and reflection at the same time.

During their stay at the IB PYP level, they’re taught to be inquisitive. Kids are encouraged to ask questions and inquire both in the classroom and the outside world.

When they reach their Middle Years Programme, they are encouraged to be creative, critical and reflective thinkers. Putting more emphasis on intellectual challenges, kids are taught to make connections between their lessons and the real world. Their communication skills are boosted and their intercultural understanding is expanded.

And by the time that they’ve reached the final level of their education, the IBDP, they are tasked to take exams that prepare them for their next level of education in the university and beyond!

For young Singaporeans, an IB primary school is the best place for them to be! A multicultural environment that helps them excel academically and in life.

How It Works

Normally, an IB programme means taking six subjects, both at high and standard levels, for two years.

Once the two years are done, kids will be assessed based on a combination of their final examinations and coursework.

The subjects will be scored from one to seven. And depending on their Theory of Knowledge Essays or TOK, a student may be given three additional points.

For students to get their IB diploma, they need to get a score between 24 points to 45 points.

Ultimately, an IB primary school in Singapore can help young kids encourage personal and academic achievements. By successfully getting their IB diploma, they can freely explore the world without any worries.

What Parents Can Expect From An IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP)


Focusing on the development of students aged 3 to 12 years old, an IB primary school in Singapore helps kids become active, caring and lifelong learners.

By encouraging them to be respectful of themselves and their peers, they become more actively involved in their surroundings.

Unlike other programmes, IB PYP focuses on connecting lessons to their real counterpart. Teachers from an IB primary school encourage their students to be inquisitive, allowing them to do their research to find answers themselves.

Furthermore, IB PYP plans to help kids not just learn, but also understand their studies by heart. Instead of just teaching them to memorise their studies, they let the students learn for themselves.

An IB primary school wants to make learning more meaningful and interesting. They inspire kids to make room for their creativity, allowing them to approach problems in a much more nuanced way.

By doing so, kids develop confidence and independence. They learn how to think critically and build a skill for understanding other people. Kids that study under the IB PYP in Singapore become open-minded.

Benefits of Enrolling Your Kid In An IB Primary School in Singapore

Singaporean families unfamiliar with IB PYP and IBDP often find it hard to see what makes an IB primary school better than other programs.

Here are four benefits that only IB PYP can offer!

Academic Edge

Recent studies have revealed that IB students and graduates from an IB Primary School in Singapore often outdo other students in terms of achievements in subjects like Math and Science.

Data has revealed that students from IB PYP and IBDP are more likely to become A-level students in comparison to other kids.

Promotes Cultural Awareness

Because of how IB PYP and IBDP is programmed, students who graduate from the said programme are more culturally aware than other students.

They are allowed to learn a second language like English, French and Spanish. And there are IB primary institutions in Singapore that offer bilingual programmes.

Additionally, they offer support to ex-pat kids that need more help when it comes to a new language.

Produces Independent Thinkers

Unlike other curriculums that restrict their students, IB PYP and IBDP are developed to be student-centred.

Teachers encourage their students to become open-minded independent thinkers that aren’t afraid to search for answers.

The program inspires kids to drive their learning, encouraging them to connect their lessons to real-life situations.

Holistic Approach

The IB programmes available in Singapore emphasise the importance of learning beyond the classroom. Focused on helping young Singaporeans develop their fullest potential, they encourage them to be themselves and improve their skills accordingly.

Teachers make sure that their subjects are studied synchronously, not in isolation. They teach their kids to think conceptually, allowing them to apply their knowledge to real-life situations.


Thanks to how widely accepted IB PYP and IBDP is, transferring from one school to another is easy. Should your kid decide that they want to try out different learning environments, they won’t have a hard time adjusting accordingly.

How to Find The Right IB Primary School in Singapore


There are a lot of things you need to consider before you can enrol your kids.

Here are four things that you need to keep in mind when searching for the right school!

Little Things Matter

When it comes to finding the right IB primary school in Singapore, several little things matter. There’s the location of the school, the cost and the class size.

To avoid long commutes, you want to get a school that’s nearby. If you’re eyeing an IB primary school that’s a bit far from your home, ask if they provide a private school bus service in Singapore. And if you’re on a budget, you need to find an institution that offers high-quality education for a cost-efficient price.

Furthermore, you have to think about the teacher-student ratio of the school. How can you guarantee that your kid receives the right amount of guidance that they need?

How about their school facilities? You may be expecting certain facilities that your kid can enjoy. But not all institutions across the island may have them.

Another important thing that you need to keep in mind is extracurricular activities. Your kid may be interested in exploring sports or other activities. And you would want to enrol them in a school that supports their interest.

These small factors alone will help you figure out just how appropriate your chosen IB primary school is for your needs. Keep these factors in mind. And you’ll be able to make an informed decision for your kid’s future!

Prepare Your Kids

The environment of an IB primary school is different from other institutions. So, for your kid to do well, they need to be prepared for the new learning environment.

Because a large majority of IB PYP schools use English as their medium of instruction, your kids need to have adequate English skills for them to survive.

Should your kids need more help understanding the language, there are IB PYP institutions that can provide them with the adequate support they need.

And depending on your chosen IB primary school in Singapore, your kid may need to learn how to use technology to their advantage.


Allowing your kid to study in an IB primary school is an expensive privilege. Before committing to IB PYP or IBDP, you should make sure that you can financially make this commitment to their future.

Pursuing international school education means investing in your child’s future and their ability to progress academically.

Besides tuition fees, parents of kids in an IB primary school in Singapore have to worry about application fees, registration fees, and other expenses.

That’s why before you start attending on open days and asking for quotations, you should think about the commitment you’re making. Discuss what it would mean for your finances if you enrol your kid to an IB PYP or IBDP. Think about what sacrifices you would have to make to help your kid access high-quality education.

Admittedly, getting an IB diploma and enrolling your kid in an IB primary school in Singapore is not cheap. It can be expensive and worrying for some Singaporean families. And some kids often end up transferring to non-IB PYP institutions when finances become tricky.

So, before anything else, reflect on whether your small family is willing to make this commitment to your kid’s future. Once you’ve deliberated the advantages and disadvantages of seeking IB DP, you can make the right decision for your family!

Open Days

One of the best ways of determining whether a certain IB primary school in Singapore is fit for your kid is by attending open days.

Open days are events held by schools and other academic institutions, inviting parents as well as students to get to know their school more. By doing so, you’ll be able to see the school first-hand. Check out the facilities they offer and personally interact with their teachers.

If you want to conduct thorough research on your chosen IB primary school in Singapore, make sure that you participate in their one days.

Additionally, certain institutions offer fee waivers for parents who want to enrol their kids on the spot. Should your chosen IB primary school offer trial classes, make sure to take advantage of them as well.

To find the right IB primary school for your kid, you need to take time and be diligent about your research. While IB PYP and IBDP is considered to be the standard for Singaporean kids, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to their needs.

You need to be patient and inquisitive. Keep in mind that your chosen IB primary school in Singapore is the first step to the future. You would want your kid to receive solid education to ensure a bright future for them.

The right IB primary school should be able to cater to both your and your kid’s needs.

For A Better Future

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Ultimately, granting your kid access to an IB primary school in Singaporeand IBDP in Singapore is an investment worth every penny. Not only does it ensure that your kid gathers all the skills they need to do well academically, but it prepares them for the wide world ahead.

They learn how to navigate themselves around multi-cultural situations with grace and sensitivity. Additionally, they are taught to never fear creativity and to always push the boundaries of their problem-solving. Kids are inspired to be the best version of themselves.

If you want your kid to do well both in school and in real life, then an IB primary school is the best solution. Allow your kid to explore the wonders of the world without any fear. Inspire them to be better citizens of Singapore by offering them the opportunity to get IBDP in Singapore!

To learn more about the benefits of enrolling your kids in an IB PYP institution in Singapore, visit Hillside World Academy’s website!

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