Close Connection between Gambling & Star Wars

There are many people who love star wars. And some of them would even agree that there is a strong link between the star wars and the earth of gambling. Plus, there are movie watchers who will completely agree that gambling is another part of the star wars movie. People cannot forget the famous and classic scene when Han Solo takes apart Lando Calrissian for the Millenium Falcon. And you will also note that there is not a single movie in the star movie series where there isn’t some form or the other form of gambling and to know further click for more

Connection between the Two

If you are a casino player and also you have watched star wars and are a fan of star wars, then you will mostly agree that there is some form of link and connection between the two i.e. the universe of movie and universe of gambling. There are many of star wars TV shows, movies, games, and comics which feature gambling. In this article, we will be discussing their co-relation. We will also be discussing whether star wars universe is a blessing or a curse. If you are a Canto the star wars universe, then why it can be a blessing.

About Canto Bright

The complete planet has been taken for placing high stakes. There are several movies in this series which features gambling. Players can par-takes the last Jedi that appropriates the entire planet for gambling. The entire planet is staked for gambling by the two main protagonists Rose Tico and Finn. The main pillar of appeal in this flick is the canto casino which is located on the planet Cantonica. And the city which hosts this casino has a very sui generis name i.e. Canto Bright. It is just like the other real casinos which host a plethora of restaurants and game rooms.

Wide Range of Gambling

For all kinds of players, canto has a wide range of gaming options, and gamblers can look forward for playing blackjack, roulette, slots, scratch cards, etc. In canto, there is a live gambling section also which offers several kinds of games for different players. Casinos like Betition offer star wars slots also, so isn’t it interesting? This is mostly in New Zealand. You can also play online casino at Betition, if you are interested in trying the online casino slots. And this is the first time that you will see the entire planet being wrapped up into a gambling den.


There are also other movies which show gambling on a smaller scale. Now, star wars movies has also featured racing as a gambling activity. In Cantonica, this is mostly a famous gaming –gambling activity which is well known amongst the rich and the known. For Canto Bright, Fatheir racing is a good way of revenue generator. There are other races also which is there in the form of a blob and odupiendo races. Also, there is lugjack in star wars. It is known as the game of chance and is similar to online slots.

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