Benefits Offered by Jasmine Traditional Thai Massage Belconnen

If someone is interested in a change from the traditional Swedish massage, or if they are sore and stiff because of arthritis or exercise, then a Jasmine Traditional Thai Massage Belconnen may be the best alternative.

Unlike some massage modalities that use massage oils and require someone to take off their clothes and get under a sheet, Thai massage is done while someone is fully clothed. Usually, it is done on a padded mat that is put on the floor.

The Thai Massage Process

Rather than the relaxing kneading and gliding motions that are used with more popular types of massage, Thai massage uses pulling, rocking, and stretching techniques to help enhance flexibility and relieve tension, along with a range of motion. Many people refer to this as a “lazy person’s yoga.”

The therapist that provides the treatment will use their feet, legs, knees, and hands to move the person into a series of yoga stretches. They will also apply acupressure, joint mobilization, and deep muscle compression.

With a Thai massage, energy work also comes into play. According to ancient Asian culture, the subtle energetic field within a person’s body is treated. It helps to correct imbalances, deficiencies, and blockages in the energy flow, which is believed by practitioners to improve a person’s health.

Is the Thai Massage Process Painful?

Any time pressure is applied to muscle knots there can be some pain or discomfort. However, the difference is that the massage technician knows how to ensure that the pain is not detrimental or too severe.

While it can be difficult to avoid some level of discomfort when trying to deal with muscle knots, a licensed and qualified massage therapist can work to adjust the movements and pressure so that those receiving the massage do not experience excessive pain.

Potential Benefits Offered by Thai Massage

All types of massage therapy are used for relieving stress and protecting against health issues related to high levels of stress. It is also believed to improve flexibility and range of motion while boosting energy. Thai massage, especially, can help with several health issues.

For example, it is believed to be beneficial in relieving tension headaches and reducing some back pain. It can increase flexibility and stimulate lymphatic drainage and circulation. Other benefits include providing an energy boost and helping to calm the nervous system.

Finding the Right Massage Therapist

If someone is interested in this type of massage, they need to put time and effort into finding the right massage therapist. This is going to help ensure the top benefits are received and that there are no potentially negative side effects caused by this process.

In most cases, going to a licensed and reputable massage therapist will pay off and ensure the desired results are achieved. Be sure to keep the information here in mind, which is going to ensure the right person for the treatment is found and that they understand the right way to handle this process. Being informed is the best way to get a quality Thai massage.

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