Avoid these 5 grave cybersecurity mistakes!

Numerous reports on cybersecurity incidents and breaches paint a grim picture for businesses, large and small alike. Despite the best efforts, organizations have suffered data theft and security breaches, many of which have forced businesses to take drastic measures to minimize damage. SIA also released one just report in association with Wall Street Journal. So, how can your company do better with cybersecurity? We bring the common mistakes that you need to avoid. 

  1. Assuming your business is safe

One out of every ten small businesses have suffered a security breach/cyberattack. In other words, no company is entirely immune to hackers. The biggest mistake is to believe that you don’t need proactive cybersecurity because your business is safe. There is nothing called complete immunity. 

  1. Not using ethical hackers

Ethical hackers can help you find cyber vulnerabilities and fix issues that can be otherwise exploited by real hackers. If you don’t have a bounty program, as yet, consider hiring cybersecurity experts, who can help your company in running and managing one. Hiring ethical hackers additionally also works at times. 

  1. Waiting for a breach to happen

You have to ensure that you do enough to prevent a security breach in the first place. That’s what proactive cybersecurity is all about. If you are waiting for an incident to occur to take necessary steps, you are already risking critical data and information. Learn from others and establish a few basic dos and don’ts for your business. 

  1. Not focusing on password protection

Default and weak passwords are super easy to hack, and hackers don’t even need to try hard. Missing out password protection measures is a grave mistake. Think of steps like recommending password manager to employees, setting guidelines for password creation, using multifactor authentication, and using options like lockout feature. 

  1. Not updating software and firmware

All apps, operating systems, software, and firmware must be updated to the latest version, so that security issues are fixed immediately. Vendors and developers offer such patches and updates from time to time for the very same reason. 

Final word

Another mistake that many companies make is with regards to cybersecurity policy management. They don’t update or change their practices as frequently as they should, and that can leave room for security incidents. It is also important to review and add new measures from time to time, to tackle new threats and keep up the cyber defenses.

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