Are the Moissanite engagement rings a good alternative of diamond rings? We Answer

You are going to surprise your girlfriend with a beautiful white ring, you can choose white gold, but if you go for the best of the best, choose engagement rings in Platinum. It is a fantastic hard material, so very durable and it has a beautiful white-grey shine. Due to the specific properties of Platinum engagement rings, it is also more expensive than, for example, 14 carat white gold. The specific gravity is also a lot higher with an engagement ring from Platinum you have “really a ring” in your hands. Platinum is indicated with Pt950, the highest content, but it is also possible, and somewhat cheaper, to choose Platinum 600. The engagement ring is then slightly darker in colour, also tough and has a beautiful appearance. If you want really white, then there is now a choice!

Spontaneously we think “diamond” when we hear “precious stone”. And yet other options are worth highlighting.

Fair stones

If you are ready for colour, we offer stunning medium blue or dark blue sapphires and bright pink sapphires, in the brilliant-cut. They come from fair mines in Sri Lanka, in which experts regularly check the working conditions of the stone miners and, of course, the absence of children. We can also have, on order, rubies, amethysts, topazes of good size, to be mounted alone.

If you dream of white stones, the diamond is far from the only or the brightest option. Today there is not yet a 100% reliable, ethical label for diamonds, even if the Kimberley Process has signalled the will of the sector to give more transparency to diamond mining. It is tough to trace the stones because they change many hands between the mine and the finished jewel, but the diamond industry is currently working to give more traceability to the circuit followed by the stones. This is not to say that all diamonds are “dirty”, just for those looking for genuinely ethical and fair trade stones, it is worth looking at other options.

Moissanite, a high-tech stone

So what are the Moissanite solitaire rings? Like a synthetic diamond, Moissanite is a high-tech stone, the fruit of many years of research and development. Its refractive index is higher than that of diamonds: it shines 2.4 times more! Its hardness is also greater than that of emerald, ruby and sapphire. It is a stone almost as hard as diamond, and whose quality has nothing to envy its precious sisters: it has excellent resistance to impact and scratches. With the naked eye, it is challenging to distinguish Moissanite from a diamond. It is for this reason that very sophisticated testers have been developed so that jewellers will no longer confuse the two stones.

His history

The history of Moissanite is really fascinating. It was a French chemist, Mr Moissan, who one day, on the site of the fall of a massive meteorite in Arizona, found carbide of natural origin crystallized silica. He spent a good part of his life trying to recreate it artificially because this hardest mineral in the world is scarce in vain. Decades later, in a laboratory in North Carolina, researchers resumed the work of Mr Moissan and succeeded in creating crystal of silica carbide, which they named “moissanite”, in honour of his first discoverer.

Moissanite is very rare in its natural state, and it is silica carbide the diamond comes from carbon. In the laboratory, silica carbide is subjected to ultra-high pressures and temperatures to recreate in accelerated conditions which in nature, lead to the formation of stones like a diamond. Its production and control of its process are the results of decades of scientific research.

An ethical stone

The Moissanite we use is Charles and Colvard certified, the only manufacturer that holds the patent. Of course, they do not generate any mining. Diamond mining is by far the most catastrophic in terms of human and environmental damage. They are entirely made in the United States and cut in workshops controlled by Charles and Colvard. To be very honest, the carbon footprint of this stone is not negligible, but infinitely less damaging than diamond mining. The Moissanite halo engagement rings are the best options there.

Moissanite or diamond

As long as there is no 100% ethical and fair trade certified diamond, Moissanite will be our preference. We know that many are put off by the idea of a “synthetic” stone, which would be less noble. But the question to ask is: can we say of a stone which is undoubtedly the fruit of nature, the pressure of the rock, but which required the work of a child, the endangerment of a minor, the destruction of an entire section of nature and we are not even talking about blood diamonds, many of you have seen “Blood diamonds”, can we say of such a stone that it is more as noble as its laboratory binoculars, whose composition is similar in all respects, and which is manufactured under dignified conditions, which respect human rights and the environment?

Platinum engagement rings EGF: Circles Wedding rings.

Engagement rings in Platinum can come with different diamonds, and in different cuts such as Baquette, Princess, Brilliant, Marquis, Pear or Emeraude, the part determines the name. The larger the diamonds in Platinum engagement rings, the more expensive because the raw material for larger diamonds is rarer. Clarity also plays a role. Diamonds can contain small inclusions, sometimes not visible to the naked eye. We have Loop pure, without inclusions, but also SI, Small Inclusions, or VSI, Very Small Inclusions. The purity and colour also determine the price of diamonds in engagement rings.

Moissanite, the inexpensive alternative to diamond

As mentioned before, the larger diamonds are quite expensive, easy for some and more difficult for others. Circles Wedding Rings also has a solution for this, and that is Moissanite. Moissanite in Platinum engagement rings is a friendly alternative, just as hard as diamond and it has a beautiful “fire”, the light reflected from the stone. This makes sense, especially with larger stones; the price difference is enormous. Moissanite was found on meteorites and is now counterfeited on Earth. If you are interested in engagement rings in Platinum with Moissanite, feel free to come and see them in real life. In Alexander Sparks, you can find the smartest solutions now.

Circles: specialist in Platinum engagement rings

Engagement rings Platinum, Circles has a wide choice in this, combined with the finest quality diamonds. It’s a piece of jewellery that you will surprise your loved one with. Platinum engagement rings come in different price ranges depending on the number and size of the diamonds and the width of the engagement ring. Circles have been a trusted address for the purchase of this particular piece of jewellery for years. In a wonderfully quiet atmosphere and with all the time, choose the engagement ring in Platinum that you think is the very one that will touch your girlfriend enormously when proposing! We are happy to assist you with this. Would you like to come once in the evenings, that is also possible.

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