All You Need To Know About CCTV Camera

A CCTV camera in Singapore is available in a wide range of image quality, embedded systems, and application scenarios to meet your needs. Businesses and homeowners now rely on CCTV cameras in Singapore to monitor their spaces 24/7.

As scammers preyed on people’s fears over the pandemic disaster, crime in Singapore increased by 11.2 per cent in the first half of 2021. Between January and July of this year, a total of 19,444 offences were reported, with 8,403 of those involving scams. No doubt, there are numerous and complex factors contributing to the increase.

What is a CCTV Camera?

A CCTV camera system in Singapore can include anything from a single camera to dozens of cameras all at the same time in a single area. Cameras are video recording devices that capture real-time footage of your home or business.

Before you purchase one, it is wise to know how it works first and how CCTV in Singapore can help you.

Device Viewing

It is possible to access live video footage from your CCTV in Singapore if connected to your internet or workplace network. It is now possible through intelligent software and apps on PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It can fit apple products, android and windows software systems.

If you also have various sources, you can have them all merged to watch them from a single software account and view different cameras from different sites on a single PC. You may even specify which camera systems you would like to view on your monitoring panel for each location as an accessible overview each day, which you can do for each site.

Camera quality

On the majority of the 4MP, 6MP, and 8MP cameras, you will notice exceptionally high image quality.  Today, the most intelligent type of CCTV camera in Singapore has 1080p HD quality compared to the 720p High definition of years past. It all boils depending on the type of application an owner uses. The most recent technology is presently IP, which transmits over CAT5e or CAT6 cable.

Hard drive storage space

There will be a monthly storage fee associated with cloud-based recordings, becoming a costly recurring activity. Instead of storing data on a remote server, it can be recorded on the hard disk of the physical machine on-site, eliminating the need for a separate storage facility.

CCTV installation providers in Singapore will consider the amount of equipment, the number of setups, and the amount of activity on the premises if you notify them at the time of quotation that you have a required storage need.

You can purchase optional backup hard drives and cloud-based storage as a precautionary measure. It is often only necessary for large, high-risk construction sites, according to industry standards.

Accurate perimeter protection

When Ai mode is selected, perimeter protection is activated when it uses IVS and SMD. It can distinguish between human and automobile precision. False alerts triggered by animals, rattling trees, intense light, and other factors are automatically filtered out.

Plate Recognition

You’ll need a sound CCTV recorder in Singapore to accommodate vehicle license plate recognition to review and report. The eldest type of CCTV is not reliable when it comes to recognising plates.

There are outputs available on the camera. You can use NVR to trigger specific actions when a camera finds on either the ‘ban list’ or the ‘set of inputs’ of the NVR.


Common Types of CCTV Cameras

Indoor and outdoor cameras

An indoor CCTV camera in Singapore is likely to be plug-ins. It explains that owners usually place them in the living room or areas mostly filled with people.

The main difference between interior and outdoor security cameras is that each camera survives exterior conditions differently. Outdoor cameras are more prone to manipulation. Thus typically, they are built of robust materials such as steel and even contained in a case to prevent disposal.

Small, more portable indoor cameras can be used instead of bulkier exterior cameras, making them less invasive in most cases. When using infrared technology, indoor and outdoor cameras can take detailed images in low visibility levels and make seamless transitions when the lighting changes suddenly.

Digital IP CCTV

Numerous CCTV in Singapore has WiFi linked nowadays, which means that they have an application that allows broadcasting images, receiving movements or personally active alerts, and remotely managing the system.

The owner can practically view what is happening from everywhere as long as WiFi is available. You can view it in real-time through any device like Apple products and even androids. For most people, in offices, houses and buildings, a recommendation is given to install a type of digital CCTV camera in Singapore.

Users can connect to the DVR through the internet to verify what CCTV cameras can hear and see from anywhere globally. CCTV can also warn users if it observes odd movement in the vicinity via HD CCTV monitoring cameras.

Analog CCTV

If you don’t have access to WiFi, there are still webcams that you can use instead. Most cameras record directly to a micro-SD card or hard drive, so although we couldn’t see what was happening in real-time, we could see what was happening in hindsight by transferring the local storage to a device like our pc or tablet.

DVR cameras are primarily analogue cameras, so you can not connect them to the internet through WiFi. To link the camera and the hard drive, they commonly use coaxial cables.

Hidden CCTV

In addition to the apparent CCTV cameras you are accustomed to seeing; there are also hidden types of CCTV cameras accessible in Singapore. This type of camera is meant for other purposes.

Here are products you can choose from:

  • Spy pen voice recorder
  • Calculator voice recorder
  • Picture eye
  • Anti car vandal tissue camera
  • Megapixel AV recorder camera
  • Antique clock spy camera
  • Wall clock spy camera
  • Desktop alarm clock camera

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