A Simple Checklist To Buy The Best Mattress For Sound Sleep

Buying a new mattress or replacing the old one can be a daunting task. Visiting different stores, and choosing the right foam and spring can be puzzling sometimes. Those living in Washington can get plenty of mattress stores in the city. Visiting all the mattress stores in Washington is not possible to pick the best. Therefore, one needs to be extra careful about the quality. To get a good nap, a comfortable mattress is very important. Keep in mind not one model will be appropriate for all. Different people have different needs and all the aspects should be compared to pick out the best mattress for bed.

Here ae just a few parameters that one should look for while searching for a mattress –

  1. Comfort: A hard mattress will not be a good option for the human body. One should go for medium-firm to medium-soft mattresses. Sleeping on a hard mattress for a long time leads to backaches due to the excessive pressure on certain parts. Experts suggest flipping a mattress every month for better sleep. After all, everyone wants to feel fresh in the morning. Also, don’t choose a mattress that is too soft.

  2. Support: An ideal mattress should touch every body part while sleeping. The more upward push the better the mattress. This is an easy way to remove different body pains and maintain a steady blood flow. To get such support one can go for Memory foam mattresses which are high in demand.

  3. Breathability: There are two types of situations that occur while sleeping on a mattress. One is producing heat by the mattress and another is adapting the body temperature by a mattress. A good quality mattress will allow the skin to breathe, making it more comfortable. Foam mattresses actually adapt to the body temperature, and they don’t produce heat.

  4. Hygiene: Among different mattress stores in Washington, hygiene is the crucial factor to check. Whenever people purchase a mattress with a quilting design, they often ignore this crucial factor. One must go for a removable cover on the mattress so that it can be washed. Kids may urinate, or some drinks can be spilled, which needs to be cleaned immediately to maintain hygiene.

  5. Durability: It is another important feature to check. Always go for the best material for the highest quality density and compression. Never go for a bonded foam or cotton mattress, as they will not last long.


There are mainly three types of mattresses available in the market – soft, firm, and medium-firm. The last one is the most demanding one as it is highly versatile and suitable for all. Besides all the above-mentioned factors, one should also consider the sleeping position and body shape. Those with heavier bodies will naturally put more pressure on the bed. There are many companies that are providing specially made mattresses for heavy-weight people. Both online and offline mattress stores in Washington offer their customers a variety of options so that the consumer can pick out the right one.


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