A Parent Guide: How to Introduce Coding to Your Children

Society always praises people who are naturally born intelligent. They are the people who can learn faster new skills. However, society underappreciates people who strive harder in learning skills. For this reason, some kids are unmotivated to learn new skills because they think they are born to be lesser than others. So, as a parent, you should encourage your children to be passionate about learning. Let them understand that determination and hard work are also essential in attaining a successful life.

Also, allow them to focus on finding their interest. If your child happens to like coding or robots, enrol them in a robotics course or coding classes in Singapore. The younger, the better to learn new skills! This way, it also enhances their confidence and self-assurance. After all, it’s not about who is born intelligent or not. It’s about the passion for improving yourself. Hence, allow this article to show why your child needs to learn coding courses in Singapore.

Why Learn New Skills at a Young Age 

Children are the foundation of the future. A child has the potential to transform into the people who they want to be. All they need is support and encouragement from their parents and environment. Allow them to grow at their own pace and give them opportunities to study in different classes like coding courses and a robotics course. Eventually, as a person, it will help them in different ways. This section will tell you why you should let your child learn new skills at a young age. 

Healthier Mind and Body 

Learning keeps your mind and body active in a healthier way. When you learn new things, you gain new experiences, overcome new challenges, and keep an active neural pathway. All of these contribute to your overall brain health. For instance, when you take coding courses, it helps develop your logical thinking. With logic skills, it can help you decide, solve problems and generate ideas. As a result, you are more productive and self-assured about the skills you have gained through your coding classes. 

Of course, a healthy mind also means a healthier body because a healthy mind combats mental health illnesses, which means you prevent anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. By having a healthy mind, you can also manage stress well. With a lesser stress level, you prevent heart diseases and other physical effects. So, begin with enrolling your child in a robotics course for a healthy mind. 

Improves Adaptability 

The only constant thing in life is change. Hence, prepare your child to become adaptable. Well, you can do this by allowing your child to learn new skills at a young age. With a robotics course or coding classes, your child may learn how to deal with different challenges in life. It also helps your child work under pressure when faced with adjustments in school or work. 

Now, you know the general benefits of learning new skills. However, focus on the benefits when you enrol your child in coding classes in Singapore. Read in the next section on how coding courses contribute to your personal growth.


Why Enrol Your Child in Coding Classes in Singapore

First, what is coding? Coding is like communicating with a computer. Hence, you use a language that the computer understands, which you use coding to instruct the computer to perform tasks. Coding creates things, including video games, apps, websites and software. Along with this, you’ll also learn valuable skills that you can use in life. So, expect to experience these when you enrol in coding classes in Singapore. 


Improve Problem Solving Skills

By learning to code, you understand computers and how systems work. As you can see, people solve computer problems by using math logically and creatively. With computers, a child will appreciate how things work and develop. For instance, your child may wonder how a washing machine cleans your clothes. It initiates you to think and formulate solutions on how to solve the world around you. Well, problem-solving skills are applicable in life. 

When you enrol your child in coding classes or a robotics course, the lessons he/she have learned go a long way. It is normal to face adversities in life. Everyone faces problems that may hinder them from achieving goals and dreams. However, with problem-solving skills, there is a higher chance of solving life problems with success and confidence! That’s why every child needs to learn coding in school. 

Develops Resilience 

In coding, it is common to fail again and again after debugging a problem. The lesson will teach children how to become more resilient.Coding courses will teach children that failures are okay. And, the most important thing is they bounce back. After all, failure is also a learning experience. Coding classes give children the opportunity to try multiple times to succeed in achieving their goals. 

If you will apply this in real life, being resilient has a lot to do with carrying on even when things get rough. The ability to continue is one of the traits of being successful. For example, your child applies for a job. He/she receives a rejection letter multiple times. Well, if he/she has resiliency, your child will continue to look for a job until he/she lands a job. See, the power to continue has many possibilities! 

Stimulate to Think New Ideas 

Coding classes stimulate children to think outside the box. Remember that the coding problem is trial and error. If the first solution does not work, then try again. If it doesn’t work again, then try again with other solutions. For this reason, coding classes stimulate children to think creatively and logically. With this, a child has an opportunity to be expressive when finding solutions. They have the freedom to see the bigger picture and provide possible solutions in unique ways.

In reality, thinking outside the box will help your child discover new things. In this world, everything is about trends and labels. When your child can generate unique ideas, he/she will stand out from the rest. Your child may even solve solutions for community problems! So, enrol your child in a robotics course or coding courses to stimulate creativity. 

Coding is Fun

When you first think of coding, you probably think it is tedious that your child will only sleep in his coding classes. Well, you should know that coding is also fun to learn! There are many fun activities in coding courses that children will love. What’s better is that your child can learn while enjoying the company of other people. As you know, when someone is having, he/she will learn faster. However, make sure to find the academy to ensure that the coding classes will be enjoyable for your child.

With coding classes, your children will learn various skills and gain experiences that help them through life. So, invest in the learnings of your child with coding courses in Singapore! It will also teach your child to be passionate about learning and building teamwork skills. 

Learn to Love Math 

Many students all over the world hate math. Math is a misunderstood subject because it feels mundane and tedious. However, enrolling in coding classes can make your child love math! Well, coding uses the language of math, and coding uses math in a fun way for children. Learning to program can improve organising and analysing data. On top of that, their math skills also grow. 

With coding courses, it allows your child to use logic and mathematical skills to formulate their solutions. It makes math more fun and personalised instead of math in schools that are strict with formulas. So, make your child love math by enrolling in a robotics course or coding classes in Singapore!  

Opportunities in The Future 

The world is constantly changing. And, if you look at the career industry, more companies are relying on computers and the technology sector. So, a child with coding skills will have more career opportunities in the future. After all, coding is in different fields, including retail, health, business, education and more. When you enrol a child in coding classes, expect him/her to become these professionals in the future.

  • Web developer
  • Computer systems engineer
  • Computer analyst
  • Business intelligence analyst.
  • Database administrator.
  • Computer systems engineer

Additionally, people with coding skills are in demand in the career market. For sure, years from now, companies will still look for programmers. So, prepare your child for his/her future by enrolling in coding courses in Singapore.

However, remember to respect the decision of your child if he/she likes to continue learning to code. If yes, then read in the next section how you can help your child learn coding in a fun and engaging way!


How to Help Your Child Learn Coding 

Yes, you can help your child learn to code even if you don’t have any experience with it. Fortunately, it is easy to start as a parent because even six-year-old children can understand it! After your child’s coding classes, you can teach them at home with many activities. Here are some of the coding activities you can use.


Unplugged Activities

Don’t worry because coding does not require your child to be in front of the computer. You can keep your hands off the mouses and keyboard and still learn to code. With this, you can search for unplugged activities for your child. This way, the lessons from his coding classes will retain for a longer time. To help you, here are some of the activities:

  • Feed the mouse– In this game, your child will learn about debugging. You will use a deck of cards to create a path. After this, your child should be able to move through the path without missing any treats.
  • Binary Cards– This game introduces the binary system.
  • Build Your Robot- This game introduces conditional statements to your child.
  • If/Then Backyard Coding Game- This game will teach your child about algorithm and sequence
  • Create Your Code- this game allows your child to be creative by creating your code to send mystery messages to friends and family. 

As a parent, there are many ways to help your child learn to code. With this, you can help your child remember the lessons from his coding courses in Singapore. 

Use Learning Apps

You can also maximise your mobile phone to teach your child coding. However, make sure to limit their screen time when using learning apps. Since children like using the internet, why not use it as an educational tool. To help you, here are some of the apps you can use to help your child learn to code. 

  • CodeSpark Academy
  • Kodable
  • Code Karts
  • Box Island
  • ScratchJr
  • Osmo
  • Algorithm City
  • Coding Games for Kids

Well, there are many options you can use for your coding lessons. This way, it will help retain the learnings from your child’s coding courses and coding classes in Singapore. Eventually, it will contribute to the development and growth of your child. After all, every parent wants the best for their children.


Coding Success for a Bright Future 

Just like in coding, you have to formulate solutions, strategy and plan to solve a problem. Well, you can apply it in real life by coding success for a bright future. You have to instil in your mind that passion for learning is the key to success. Program your mind into believing that you can achieve more things in life through determination and perseverance. So, why not start with your child, and mould him to become a better person with coding classes in Singapore.

Fortunately, there is a reliable institution that can teach your child to learn to code. Let Roboto Coding Academy in Singapore instil the positive impact of learning coding with their coding courses or robotics classes. As with coding, the academy will mould its students to become adaptable to the future. The academy also shapes the young generation into a person that will initiate positive changes in society. 

Hence, begin success by visiting their website to know more about coding courses, coding classes and a robotics course in Singapore.

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