9 Tips To Remember When Buying Wedding Gifts On A Budget

They come in small sizes and big ones. They can be decorative, practical, or both. Wedding presents — especially personalized wedding gifts — are a great way to show your love and appreciation for the bride and groom. And even if you’re buying one on a budget, it doesn’t discount the fact you’re giving it from the bottom of your heart. But to just help you out, we’ve gathered nine tips for buying budget-friendly but still memorable wedding gifts.

Set aside a budget. First things first: Have a specific budget allocation for your wedding gift. Keep in mind that there are other expenses you need to shoulder when attending a wedding — including transportation (which can be pricier if it’s a destination wedding).

Don’t shell out wedding-related expenses all at once. Given that there are many expenses, it’s wise to spread out your purchases. For instance, if you’re also attending a bridal shower, spend for that first. If you need to book airfare and hotel accommodations, make sure you’ve taken care of that as well before you go all-in for your wedding present.

Look at the price list of the items in the gift registry. When shopping for personalized wedding gifts, or even generic gifts for that matter, it’s important to refer to the couple’s gift registry. See what you can afford based on that list and start comparing prices from different shops. Also, take advantage of any promos and deals that a gift shop may be offering.

Invite others for a group gift. If there isn’t anything that fits into your tight budget, you should consider inviting other attendees to contribute to a huge (read: expensive) group gift. It can be your relatives, friends, or even your co-workers. The group gift can also come in a non-material form. For instance, you and your relatives/friends/colleagues can decide to chip in and donate some money to charity in the name of the couple.

Be creative and get personal. Being resourceful and creative is really helpful in times like this. Got a knack for painting? Why not paint your favorite photo of the couple? Are you good at searching for good finds online? Use that skill to look for unique gift items. And to add a personal touch, you can also choose to customize your present with the couple’s names and their wedding date.

Package it well. No matter the price of your gift, it’s a must to invest in beautiful packaging. A wedding is a special occasion and the couple deserves to receive gifts that are well-thought of through and through.

Offer your services. Don’t really have that extra money to offer physical gifts? There are other alternatives: For instance, offering your services or skills. If you know how to do hair and makeup, volunteer to be that hair and makeup person for the bride. Do you love organizing events? Dedicate your time to helping the couple in planning for their wedding.

Consider funding something. For those with a fixed budget allocation, there’s also the option of contributing to the couple’s funds for a huge expenditure (e.g., honeymoon, home, car) if they included such an item in their registry. It’s less hassle, and you know it’s going to be well-appreciated by the couple.

Put your heart into it. Personalized wedding gifts are a great way to put a smile on the couple’s faces. But even just a simple handwritten note of well-wishes can already go a long way. Keep in mind: The most important thing isn’t the price tag, it’s your sincerity.

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