7 Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Or Installing Glass Shower Doors

The shower is one of the most essential parts of any modern-day house. It is where people find peace, privacy, and solitude, where they can wash away the day’s stress and problems. Building a bathroom and shower that will meet these needs and possibly more is crucial. This all starts with beautiful glass shower doors that aren’t just trendy but are also necessary and functional.

Homeowners who are looking into upgrading their current shower doors either by getting them installed professionally or through a DIY project should be careful and avoid the following common mistakes:

1 – Going Cheap

While finishing a remodel on a budget is possible, going cheap on all the materials is a mistake. There are parts of the renovation where saving as much money as possible is the best course of action, but when it comes to the glass doors for the shower, you should get one that is the best quality you can afford. You will thank yourself in the future when you don’t have to replace the doors because they keep breaking constantly.

2 – Lose Fitting Doors

Doors that wobble or don’t fit properly are a safety hazard in the bathroom. Add soap and water to the mix, which is a disaster waiting to happen. Take time to carefully measure the area during installation to avoid this rookie mistake.

3 – Using Low-Quality Door Handles

Door handles receive the most wear and tear on any door. Cheap shower doors can easily come off their hinges due to constant exposure to water. Make sure to invest in high-quality shower door handles and knobs to save on all future replacements.

4 – Choosing The Wrong Glass Thickness

Although thicker glass is indeed more durable, it can also be hard to clean and is definitely more expensive. Find a balance between thickness, durability, and price when choosing the perfect shower door glass to ensure you are satisfied with its functionality and usefulness.

5 – Opting For The Usual

Make sure that all your time, money, and effort are worth it by choosing not just boring and functional shower doors but also by adding some style. Look for shower and bathroom decoration inspiration online, so the new shower has a big personality in the end.

6 – Try To Avoid Clear Glass

Give yourself the option of some privacy inside the shower and skip the clear glass. While they look nice and fancy initially, they don’t offer a drop of privacy. Other options such as textured or rain glass, offer the same elegance but not as much exposure while you’re in your most vulnerable state.

7 – Buying Doors From Anywhere

Don’t just trust any supplier for your glass shower door needs. Do your research and find local suppliers trusted by contractors who have been in business for some time. These are both good signs that the supplier is reliable and their shower glass doors are top quality.

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