5 Reasons to Use an Independent Mortgage Broker

Whether you are a first-time buyer or looking to acquire a rental property, you will need finance and the best person to consult is the independent mortgage broker. Why is that? You may ask; There are many reasons to use an independent mortgage broker and here are a few.

  1. Associated with many lenders – The independent mortgage broker is not tied to a single lender; rather they have working relationships with many domestic and commercial lenders. This means they can find a loan that suits your lifestyle and needs; there are many types of mortgages and the broker can explain the differences and help you make the right choices.
  2. Lower interest rates – The independent mortgage broker such as Ascot Mortgages can always find the best lender with the lowest interest rates and we need to save money whenever we can. When you approach a regular mortgage lender, they will try to sell you their loan packages, which might not be the best around. Dealing with an independent broker is the smart way to find the right home loan and there are online solutions.
  3. Fast and reliable service – You won’t find an independent mortgage broker dragging their heels; rather they pride themselves in their speedy service. When you are looking to move and make an offer on a property, you need to know you have pre-approval; time is of the essence in the real estate business and a delay could mean losing out on the property of your dreams. Any broker with a 100% rating on Google Reviews would be perfect and they are out there. The UK housing market is very busy now, as land prices are set to rise again and people want to complete their purchase as soon as they are able. Click here for ways to save for the deposit while renting a home.
  4. With you until completion – The independent mortgage broker is with you until completion, ensuring that nothing goes wrong; liaising with the lender, your estate agent and the solicitor, right up until completion. When browsing mortgage brokers online, check out their online reviews from happy customers and if they don’t have any reviews or testimonials, this should raise alarm bells. You want a broker who keeps you informed at all times and that’s what you get with the independent service.
  5. Save you money – The independent mortgage broker should be able to find a cheaper home loan than a regular lender; they take a small commission from the lender, which is less than a broker who is tied to the lender. The Internet makes it easy to compare mortgages and a couple of hours should see you happy with a particular deal.

Whether you are looking to get your foot on the first rung of the property ladder or would like to buy a second home, the independent mortgage broker has you covered and can find the best mortgage that suits your needs. Click here for UK government information for first-time buyers.


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