Why Women Fashion is Expensive than Men Fashion

Needless to say, women’s items are available in more varieties, shapes, and sizes as compared to that of men. This results in higher overall costs. Also, it’s worth noting that women’s clothing at the luxury level call for special craftsmanship and skills. When it comes to adding detailed embroideries or embellishments, the production costs increase automatically. That’s why women’s outfits cost more than men’s, no matter what you buy from which shopping app or site. 

The reasons why women pay more for similar clothes like that of men aren’t exactly known. There are a variety of reasons. Different brands charge different prices. Some reasons are driven by profits and precedent while some are due to inequality issues, still existent. Let’s go through the possible reasons that explain why women’s shopping is expensive as compared to men’s clothing. 

Production differences: Sometimes products marketed for women are expensive because of minute manufacturing details, like colour, material, fabric, labour costs, etc. Sometimes a product requires a special fabric, that’s expensive and available in smaller amounts. In that case, the outfit would be available for a limited number of customers, increasing the price. 

Tariffs: It’s a fact that the tariff charged on international women’s products is more than that of men. This is a major reason behind charging high prices. Usually, the tariff levied on women’s clothing is 15% as compared to only 11% on men’s clothing and products. 

Price sensitivity: Studies have found that women are less sensitive than men when it comes to higher prices. This means that women are likely to buy expensive products. They usually don’t get affected when prices go higher. Being aware of this, major brands have been charging higher rates on women’s clothing.

These are some major reasons that have made women’s fashion more expensive. The next time you shop by outfit, see what additional taxes are being charged. That will help you know what taxes are being added up. Finding out one reason behind the price disparity is indeed difficult. A lot of reasons are responsible together. 

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