Why paint interior doors?

A coat of paint on interior doors is capable of changing the vibrations that a house gives off. It will go from an old-fashioned and old-fashioned look to a bright, trendy home with personality. In addition, the investment to be made is much less than exchanging them for new ones. Opt for HDB main door and stay trendy in fashion, without compromising aesthetic, quality, and brand.

Before deciding, analyze how much natural light your house receives, if you want it to be brighter and what your decoration is like. If your home style has modern undertones, your color is neutral. Beige, light gray or even black are elegant alternatives that combine easily. Giving them a touch with a more lively and vibrant tone is always an option.

Combine the floor and walls with interior doors

Choosing the same color for everything – walls, doors and floors – will increase the sense of continuity, for example, with everything in white. On the other hand, if the walls are white and the floors are also a neutral color –or light wood–, you can paint the doors in a dark color. You will create a very interesting contrast. And when the floor is dark, it is best to paint the doors a neutral. These are all the keys to combining the color of walls, doors and floors. If you decide to renew your old doors with a coat of paint, it is best to also take the opportunity to update and paint the baseboards. For doors painted in a neutral tone, choose the same color for the baseboard. If you choose other colors, please paint them white.

Wood finish doors: do I paint them?

Yes, they will be much more effective. One thing is truly common see walnut or oak colored interior doors. To modernize them, painting them is an inexpensive alternative that will completely change the appearance of the entire decoration. Above all, make sure you choose a timeless option that you won’t quickly tire of. For that, neutral tones are always a very valid alternative and with a lot of decorative power. An alternative only for brave and character homes: black doors are a hallmark and a way to surprise anyone who visits your home. It is perfect for giving a modern touch to classic settings.

White interior doors: never fail

The white doors either -in many of its variants remain the most demanded: give prominence to the rest of the details without losing visibility. Other neutrals, such as cream or soft gray, have also gained relevance and are widely used in classic-style environments with great results. They look good whatever the color of the walls and the style of your house. If the walls are also white, it will increase the feeling of space and luminosity. But they are also ideal if the walls are a deep gray, creating an elegant and timeless contrast. Without a doubt, white interior doors are a timeless alternative and a safe bet. A cool color in a light shade, such as gray or an aquamarine is a bright, elegant option with personality.


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