Why does God answer Some Prayers and Not Some?

Nothing in the world is like a physical pain that drives you onto your knees in prayer. For two decades, I was afflicted by crippling back and neck pain as well as sciatic nerve pain. Repeatedly, I sobbed out to God for his recovery power on my body, yet nothing enhanced. Also, as a warrior of prayer, I became weary in most likely to God.

One of the hardest obstacles of the Christian walk is waiting for God to address our online prayer request when we urgently require him to intervene in a situation that is breaking our heart, checking our belief, as well as burglarizing us of peace and happiness. I have actually been on my knees oftentimes with my Scriptures in hand, tearfully advising God of his promises when my partner, as well as I, we’re in an economic dilemma, a buddy was stricken with a life-threatening illness, or among my youngsters was in trouble.

And also, for many years, a number of my prayers have actually been centered on my very own requirement for a miracle. In 2017, after having the discomfort for 20 years, I went back for surgery for un-pinching the spinal cord, replace worn-out discs, and correct my back. The surgical procedure was the solution to my prayers in many means. I am thankful on a daily basis that I can currently stroll without leg discomfort and do a lot of the things I love to do, such as working in the garden, standing enough for baking cookies for my granddaughter, as well as taking a trip to represent Globe Vision. Nonetheless, the injury to the nerves in my back is taking much longer to heal, as well as I remain to cry out to God.

Certainly, contrasted to the suffering in lots of components of this damaged globe, my pain is absolutely nothing. My heart is frequently damaged by stories about the recurring appetite situation in East Africa, the Syrian refugee dilemma, and the hatred and violence that appears to be impacting so many. These are issues that only God can address by transforming people’s hearts as well as minds. Yet he calls us to take part by giving what we can to those in demand as well as praying without stopping because prayer is our greatest tool against the powers and principalities of this globe.

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