Why and How Should You Start Collecting Card Games?

A lot of people thought that card collecting went extinct as soon as the internet and gameplay devices started to emerge. If you are a card collector now, there are no reasons to blame them since they are partly correct. There has been a major loss of sales on trading cards, and you might have even encountered conversations with your friends that often start with “the TCG shops near me closed yesterday.” It was, indeed, a sad time to reminisce. Through the years, people including you have adapted to the new gamer culture which involved facing screens than each other. No one would have guessed that card and board games would make a comeback because the various console and PC games are being released each year. Not until 2017, people, more of gamers, are flocking board game shops to play card games with fellow gamers! It was like witnessing a re-birth of a childhood that many people thought was long gone. Today, you will see the emergence of collaborative spaces and local trading card shops like the country has been transported back to the early 2000s! No one is complaining about it, though. If you are one of them, then it must have rekindled something in you. The card gamer in you that you once thought was gone was merely sleeping! Well, there is no more perfect time than to start frequenting trading card shops again now.

In this article, allow yourself to gain motivation to get back into card collecting. You will also find tips on how to start your card collection!

Why start your TCG collection now?

This TCG cards collection comeback is attracting more audiences, young and old, than before. Initially, you must have thought that you will get more chances of getting special and rare cards. Well, you would be surprised by how many players are getting into thetrading card community to leave you limited chances of getting a strong card. Now that you are recalling back the competition in the card collection community, let these reasons awaken your urgency so that you start your TCG collection now!

Access is still limited

Yes, they might be physical stores of collectible card games, but they are only a few of them that stand in Singapore. They might even be far away from you! Do not let this discourage you because, remember, times are different now. Before, you might have even taken more than three hours to commute to another city just to get your card. Today, you have to be more resourceful, and resourceful means using the internet! There are online TCG shops that offer pick-up and delivery services now. You just need to find them through the help of your friends or on your own.

More players to play with

As mentioned, you can expect to see young and adult people who are into card games, too! All of them are waiting for you, so why should you delay playing with them online or face-to-face? You will see plenty of website forums that will help you connect with fellow beginners and players. They might even help you get started with your card collection! You can try and search for “trading cards near me” to help you navigate the distance that you need to go through to get into a physical TCG shop. Nonetheless, all of these hardships that you will encounter on your beginning journey will be paid off when you can play and gain new friends afterwards!

Join tournaments and events

If you are up for a competitive game of cards, then you should start your collection now! Every month, there will be tournaments and events that you can join to hone your skills in playing cards. Organisers might even hold it in a TCG shop near you! Usually, participants get a chance to win exclusive goodies and prizes from these events. Do not get left behind by delaying your chance to join! You start your collection as soon as you can so you can register for the holiday events for the remainder of 2020.

If you are still iffy on starting your card collection all over again, do not fret! Aside from the many players who you will meet and help you out, you can follow these tips.

Tips on how to begin collecting

The beginning is always the hardest, but it is also the most essential part of the journey. If you back out now, you would not even stand a chance to achieve your goals!

Choose your game

TCG cards are not TCG cards when you do not play it in a game. Thus, you should choose your game first. In Singapore, there is already a big gamer community for Vanguard players. If you are familiar with the popular trading card game, Cardfight!! Vanguard, then you might enjoy the RPG-based online card battle Vanguard Zero!

Search for a store

No one would own a card if there were not any TCG shops that can sell it to them. Naturally, you should seek reliable and well-known shops that you can trust your money with. You can start by searching, “trading cards near me” and you will see various results of shops that you can choose from. Assess them carefully!

Buy a beginner’s trial deck

Game masters understand the struggles in building your deck. Thus, they make sure that new players would not be discouraged in beginning their card collection because it is hard to construct a fighting deck. You will see official stores that offer these beginner’s decks, and you should start your collection with it!

Collectible Card Games at Bushiroad International

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