What Furniture to Invest in for Your Work from Home Arrangement?

Millions of workers are blindsided by the sudden shift to telecommuting. Several of them were not ready. After a few months, some of them are getting laid off due to performance issues or they are quitting because they cannot cope with both the stress of being at home and working. With no end in sight, you might have made every surface in your home a place of work.

Whether you are fortunate enough to have a dining table from Malaysia that you can use as a workspace or you settled on using your bed instead, you should know that you will get more mileage out of a functional office desk. You are not alone in this experience. Most HDB flats in Singapore do not have the space that you can use as a home office and work comfortably.

The question that may run in your mind now is: how do I make that space? Well, you can start in many ways that may overwhelm you and cause you to make wrong decisions. What you must remember is that every situation is unique, especially yours. Finding out your challenges and identifying your office furniture needs would be the good first steps to take. Thus, this is an article for you!


The Challenges of Working at Home

Despite losing the hassle of waking up early to commute to work, working from home still has its disadvantages. For many, the adjustment would be too difficult to overcome. However, for a few, it could be as easy as walking in the park due to their preparedness and prioritising creating a workspace where they can have uninterrupted work.

Even so, they still experienced difficulties. To indicate the many work-from-home cultures that office workers had to endure, here are some of the most challenging:


The blurred line between personal and professional time

Before, your mind turns off its work mode as soon as you walk to enter your front door. You had a clear geographic division between your office and personal space. Today, it is different. Not only your place of relaxation starts beginning to lose its meaning, but your mind is in a constant battle of going into work mode and home mode. 

It is almost like buying a smart phone from Malaysia only to use for work and mobile games. You get so conflicted when you pick it up because you do not know whether to work or relax. Thus, you no longer feel like you are home despite being at home, and your work performance is compromised.

Communication lapses

If you have dreaded meetings in the conference room before, you must have grown a disliking to Zoom or Google meets virtual sessions by now too. When you can only see the faces of your colleagues, it could result in misunderstandings because nonverbal actions have a direct effect on sending a message. Without it, it becomes harder to put everyone on the same page.

Not only that, you have to go to your dining table set to get a stable internet connection. Your bosses and co-workers might see the clutter in your home or your family members in their pyjamas. The noises and the cling and the clang of the kitchen can drown your voice, so you cannot communicate with your team properly.  


In your work from home setup, is your room the same as your office? If so, have you been tempted to sleep while you are in the middle of writing a newsletter or even in a work meeting? It is, indeed, a challenge to resist these feelings or distractions.

Without a dedicated space to work, you have sight of your reminders of chores and it could directly affect your focus. Also, you have the TV, books, or even kids, if you have them, making it difficult to avoid interruptions. Hence, you should have a dedicated office space where your inkjet printer to your filing cabinet can be placed.

Some workers in a work from home arrangement would not consider dedicating a budget for a home office. While it may seem like an extra expense, it promises a great return on your work performance, among others!


Benefits of Having an Office Space at Home

Having a physical barrier between your workspace and home space can give you plenty of benefits. To name a few, here are top benefits that it could do for you:


Return to your productive performance

If you were a star player in the office, finishing projects left and right, you can recreate that at home with a “Work Only Zone.” Here, you will have your laser printer, laptop, and other devices that you need to work. With a zone like this in your home, you have a little sanctuary of productivity that, in no time, you will be that star player again!

No more back pain

Your hot pink sofa in the living room is not a conducive place to work. Not only because it is so comfortable that you want to sleep in, but also because you are not sitting the right way. The result? Back pain.

It is time that you invest in ergonomics. So, besides your need for new outdoor furniture from Malaysia, you will also fulfil your back’s need for a good position when you are sitting down and grinding for work. Your back will thank you and, of course, keep you unbothered during your work time.

A professional setting

You no longer need to mute nor turn off your video cam during an important phone call when you have a professional setting at home. A home office will give you a background free of clutter and zero family members in their pyjamas. Therefore, you can communicate what you need to communicate during the meeting.


With the uncertainty of the future and how long it will take before it is safe to go back to your workplace, you should be ready to remain in your work-at-home arrangement for the next few years. Knowing this, you would not feel guilty clicking that checkout button to order a working table and even a newdining table from Malaysia to replace your old one. You deserve quality home furniture since you will be staying there for a long time.

Increase home value

Taking advantage of unused space or converting a corner to a home office will automatically add value to your home. Not only are they popular at this time, but they are also a favourite to potential buyers. Thus, if you ever decide to sell your flat or house, you can increase your selling price!

Now that you see that the positives outweigh the negatives, you might be in the position to make your home office happen.But, it is as difficult as choosing a dining table set. The decision-making process is significantly different between buying this table set and office space, so you should know the specifics, especially the furniture you should purchase.


What Furniture to Buy for Your Work from Home Arrangement?

Having foundational home office furniture that serves your needs is essential. To know what those are, you should prioritise the practicality of each piece of furniture you pick, such as a desk chair and a laser printer. If you want to get a general idea of what you should get first, take a look at this list:


An ergonomic office chair

According to a 2003 ergonomics study, they found that employees who were using an ergonomic chair reported fewer negative symptoms, such as back pain, throughout the day. Not only that, they had a 17.7% increase in productivity performance. You deserve to experience that, too!

A comfortable ergonomic chair is much better than what you have in your dining table set. It has a design that provides maximum lumbar support. With this, you minimise your chances of having back pain and lets you focus!

Sturdy office table

Now that you are spending more time on a computer or laptop, it makes sense to invest in an office table. Here, you can meet your needs. Having one already develops a workspace where you can have a work zone. 

Some will opt for a desk that is big enough to have an inkjet printer next to their laptop, but picking the size of your office table will depend on what you do at work. When you are a graphic artist, you need more space for your PC and your drawing tablet. When you are a writer, a small one for your laptop would be enough.

Desk or floor lamp

Do you put in more hours at work now that you do it at home? If so, you will make your work environment more productive with a simple desk lamp with a dimming feature. Having that soft glow provides a warm and cosy feeling that enhances your work experience. 

If you are worried about how a desk lamp covers the limited space of your table, you should opt for a floor lamp. It is more flexible and effective in lighting up an area in your room. When you have late-night work sessions, this is a need!

Shelves and cabinets

Now that you have invested in a laser printer, your pile of paperwork will get taller. Looking for a specific document would take years! Also, they would take up lots of space in your already small office space. 

The solution? Invest in filing cabinets or desks with several drawers. There is no better way to get and keep your work files organised than having additional storage. Installing shelves is also a good option because it can add visual appeal to your space. You can use it for books and binders that you want to keep at an easy-reach distance.


As you shop for your indoor and outdoor furniture in Malaysia, you may have seen footstools for sale as well. These are more for relaxation that helps you lift your feet as you are watching TV on your sofa in your living room. You can also use them as you work in our home office!

They are highly recommended for shorter folks to keep their feet flat and their weight distributed properly. When you invest in these, circulation and blood flow in your legs will improve. It is successful in reducing the pressure on your legs ultimately preventing blood clots and the risk of developing varicose veins. 


What Can You Do for a Productive Work-from-Home Performance?

Everyone who is working from home today has been having a hard time figuring out how to recreate their performance when they were still in the office. If you are one of them, here are some tips you can follow:


Stick to your regular hours

If you work from 8 AM to 5 PM, maintain that schedule even when you are working from home!

Develop a morning routine

From making your bed to cleaning your dining table set after breakfast, establish a solid routine in the morning.

Implement rules at home

Tell them how long you will work for the day so they do not knock on your door during your working hours.

Take breaks

You are still entitled to have a break with this setup, so do not forget to take them. Set an alarm with the smart phone you bought in Malaysia to help you remember!

Work outside

Since you have invested in outdoor furniture, you should use and maximise them. Plus, there are plenty of benefits of working outside!


Start Investing for Your Home Office With Furniture from Harvey Norman Malaysia 

When it comes to you and your work performance, you should never compromise. The pandemic should not be an excuse for you to delay building stable career growth. If it takes investing in several office furniture to get you where you want professionally, you should not hesitate to buy them!

Harvey Norman Malaysia has a wide range of furniture that is worth your money. From a dining table to an inkjet printer, they are your one-stop shop for everything you need to set up your home office. In no time, you will be the top performer in your department.

Start exploring their furniture on their website today!

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