Waterbrooke and Tohoqua: Top Places to Buy a Home in Florida

The south-easternmost US state of Florida is full of brilliance and quality life. Having the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico on either side, it has one of the longest coastlines. Now, if you are looking where to settle in Florida, well you have two of the finest places around – Waterbrooke and Tohoqua, which have great real estate.

Tohoqua is a 730-acre planned community, which is a 30-minutes’ drive away from the popular Orlando theme parks. From the Orlando International Airport, it is even shorter in distance, just a 25-minutes’ drive away.

Getting to the Waterbrooke community, it is there south of highway 50, in Clermont. If you are looking for homes in this community, you can guarantee a peaceful life with every single amenity you need around.

Now, let us move straight into what makes the two communities the best places to stay in Florida:

Good Life Is Not That Tough In Tohoqua

You must have heard about having a ‘good life’ in books, but took it as something impossible in reality. Living the best life in Central Florida was never this easy before you met Tohoqua, you can mark the legitimacy of the statement. In a Tohoqua community, convenience will never be something that you will miss out, thanks to its close-knit structure. Even if you do not have a personal vehicle, you still can get your kids to schools at walking distances, get the best healthcare facilities, and what not!

Wha Makes Your Life So Easy At Waterbrooke?

The Waterbrooke community is part of the Rolling Hills or the Clermont Hills. Did you know that it is a historic town and yes, you can have enough recreation spots for entertainment and shopping for your whole family? Waterbrooke even offers you single-family homes, if that is something you are looking for or townhomes are there too. Talking about entertainment and amenities, water views, walking trails, fitness centers, pools and so much more are there.

What Kind of Houses Can You Expect From The Communities?

As said before, you can get both single-family houses and townhomes with 3-5 bedrooms. The houses are quite spacious and you can get almost many important amenities. Whether you love hitting the gym or love walking by the community parks, playgrounds, and trails, you can do it all. There are schools for kids and a school for higher education is coming soon.

If you look to settle down in Florida, you should look for the Tohoqua and Waterbrooke community to get the best experience.

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