The Rights and Wrongs of wearing a Bodycon dress

Do you like to wear tight bodycon dresses? Well, the idea of its tight-fit, figure-hugging shape is enough to allure you with its appeal. However, there is a certain style and way to wear a bodycon dress to feel fabulous and channelize your inner diva.

There is a wide variety of wholesale bodycon dresses available online. No matter what kind of bodycon attire you pick, the dos and don’ts list has got you covered to wear it right and feel amazing.

Highlight your best feature

Bodycon is body-hugging attire but you can use it to show off your best assets. Going for a strapless dress or a halter neck dress will show off your well-toned shoulders and flawless collarbones. A short-length dress can help you flaunt your beautiful legs. It is up to you which feature you want to highlight.

Shapewear is important

No matter what affordable trendy plus size clothing you choose, do not forget shapewear. Shapewear helps you in looking and feeling better. It helps to flatten your bulging belly, smoothens not-so-flat tummy and hides panty lines to make you look perfect. It is one of the most important styling secrets when thinking of wearing a bodycon dress.

Layer it up

If you want to look different in a bodycon dress, then layer it. It is savior if this body-fit dress makes you conscious. You can either go for a loose cardigan for a casual look or a well-cut blazer to get a perfectly polished appearance.

Do not team it with flats

A bodycon dress is glamorous and flats kill its vibe. Heels accentuate the look by enhancing your frame and making your silhouette look sleeker. Pumps, peep toes, or wedges look great. However, if you aren’t comfy with heels, then go for comfortable platforms.

Choose thicker fabrics

Thin fabrics like jersey get super clingy and enhance the wrong features. Rather you should pick dresses made of thicker fabrics which don’t highlight the problematic areas. Detailing and paneling helps you in getting a neat and structured appearance.

Do not over accessorize 

When you are wearing a bodycon dress, over-accessorizing is a big no-no. Make your dress the showstopper and keep accessories to the least. Wearing a watch or dangler earrings along with a handbag is sufficient to look elegant.

Pick a dark color

While you may get bodycon dresses in a number of colors but picking a dark color will you more confident. You can never go wrong with a black dress, it is sensuous and hides your problem areas.

Bodycon dresses in winters

With winters approaching, you can style your bodycon dress with knee-length boots. However, if the weather is really cold, you can put on an open cardigan with a scarf.

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