The Jacksonville Jaguars made some critical mistakes during the offseason

Will the mistakes made by the Jacksonville Jaguars during the offseason come back to haunt them in 2020?

The Jacksonville Jaguars and all the other sports franchises go to great lengths to improve their team every year. The main office has made some major advances in the project and free agency, but there are huge gaps that can take more than one illusion to resolve.

It was difficult to choose the most critical, so I chose an attack and a defense.

Let’s start with the racing position of the Jaguars. No real changes have been made and our workhorse Leonard Fournette will enter his fourth season with the team. It is hard to believe that they have a lot of confidence in him when they have spent the entire off-season trying to change it. If I wanted to change players, I would try to find a replacement.

The Jaguars have selected one in each position except the rider. For example, the Chicago Bears lost confidence in Mitchell Trubisky and caused Nick Foles to compete and eventually replace him. No one was brought into the Jaguars to compete with or replace Fournette.

Can anyone help answer this important question?

Therefore, the result of a ball carrier over the season is more than a little scary. In addition to Fournette, the Jaguars brought in Chris Thompson with injury problems, second-year ball carrier Ryquell Armstead is still on the list. And the Jacksonville Jaguars have other riders who couldn’t get into the lineup, who have potential but no experience.

The defense is another story.

The Jacksonville Jaguars improved cornerback, linebacker and edge rusher positions, but did little to consolidate the center of the defensive line. They released Marcell Dareus, our best inside defender, because of concerns about the salary cap.

The team is counting on Taven Bryan to improve this season. To date, this has been a disappointment and perhaps even a bankruptcy project. Dontavius ​​Russell never entered training in 2019 and rookie Davon Hamilton, who again has potential but for any experience. The internal defensive line just couldn’t stop the race.

Adding Joe Schobert as linebacker may help, but the Jaguars lost games last season due to the opponent’s ability to play football.

These are not the only areas of concern. The offense was really bad last year as reported by Tix2gamesand I fear that our second quarterback Gardner Minshew will need a game to function in his development. New offensive coordinator Jay Gruden will call for better pieces, but Fournette is a powerful ball carrier.

Does this correspond to the west coast offensive? Can Gruden install his offense type without his backup type? On the other hand, the Jacksonville Jaguars retained Todd Wash as a defensive coordinator.

Will you be able to plan a defense that works with a limited defensive line? Can you make adjustments to overcome the problems with half the line until everyone matches the pattern? Have you learned to be flexible?

These are my main concerns to start the season. I hope these mistakes won’t come back to haunt the Jacksonville Jaguars at the start of the season. Make sure to purchase your tickets and join other fans to cheer on your team, and you may get Buffalo Bills Tickets if that’s your favorite team.


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