The 10 rarest orbs and currencies in Path of Exile along with their functions in the game


The currency system in Path of Exile is based on orbs, and the rarity of those orbs determines their value. The following is a list of the rarest orbs that can be found in the game.

In Path of Exile, Wraeclast is a place completely devoid of civilization; it’s like a Neanderthal paradise over there. You are not subject to any laws, and there is no form of currency that can direct your behavior. It’s too bad that so many people who were exiled from Oriath ended up there, because they brought the idea of commerce with them. After that, people began killing large numbers of rocks in order to trade them for more shiny items. Path of Exile’s monetary system really does function in exactly the way you’ve described it.

These rocks, which are known as PoE orbs, are the primary means by which the value of an item is determined. The Chaos Orb is the most common of these items, and because its rarity is the most evenly distributed among the other items, it is considered to be the primary currency. In order to further complicate matters, these orbs, in addition to serving the function of currency, each have their own distinct purposes and values. Obtaining the very best orbs that are currently available is, of course, the primary objective at all times. In Path of Exile, accumulating wealth in this manner will hopefully allow you to purchase your way into godhood. It all comes down to these shiny rocks and the prices that people are willing to pay for them. However, we cannot guarantee that the prices will not shift at any time.

10 – Ancient Orb

Ancient Orbs are one of the most difficult to obtain in-game currencies due to the fact that they were first introduced in the Harbinger League in 2017. This was during Path of Exile’s more primitive and bloody beginnings, which is why their name includes the word “ancient.”Aside from the fact that they are hilarious, these Path of Exile items have a value of approximately 10 Chaos Orbs in Standard.

When it comes to their purpose, Ancient Orbs are utilized in the process of reforging one unique item into another item of the same class, which is helpful when pursuing flasks as a target. In order to acquire it, you will need some Ancient Shards, which are looted from Harbingers. This may require additional work on your part.

9 – Chayula’s Favorite Blessing

The Blessing of Chayula is another orb that was added to the game thanks to a wonderful League known as Breach. This League breached its way into the main game by making the gameplay more ridiculous and entertaining. You can only get this one from Chayula herself in her own domain, which can be entered after you have gathered one hundred Splinters of Chayula and turned them into a Breachstone.

Despite the fact that it is only worth about 10 Chaos orbs in standard, there is a lot of competition for it because it has the potential to enhance the power of a Breach item. Crafting is a better way to acquire your BIS gear than waiting for it to drop or trading for it, so having such an orb can come in handy if you’re interested in getting into that hobby.

8 – Divine Orb

Even though there are now more valuable orbs available in Path of Exile, Diving Orbs continue to be highly sought after because of their status as one of the game’s earliest and most important orbs. The Divine Orb can be obtained in Standard for somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 Chaos Orbs.

When you finally get your desired one-of-a-kind or rare item, but it rolls some unsatisfactory stats, Divine Orbs are an extremely useful tool to have on hand in case this happens. You have the option of using the Divine Orb to either increase or decrease its current stats before you dispose of it.

7 – Elevated Orb

One of the most recent additions to Path of Exile, Echoes of the Atlas, also brought a new form of currency into the game. This currency is called the Elevated Sextant, and it was introduced alongside The Maven.

This orb can only be obtained by killing her, which is why it is worth approximately 56 Chaos Orbs when it is dropped.

For that matter, the Elevated Sextant is a fantastic item that, when used at a Watchstone, can provide bonuses to multiple maps in your Atlas. However, make sure to use it wisely and only in accordance with the map’s accessibility.

6 – Orbs of Exaltation

Except for the Warlord, Hunter, and Redeemer variants, Exalted Orbs are now available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but their prices remain consistent across the board. To keep things straightforward, we’ll be referring to the most fundamental iteration of the Exalted Orb, which has a base price of approximately 120 Chaos Orbs, give or take.

The Exalted Orb is held in very high regard by the majority of players. Consider them to be the equivalent of the 100 dollar bills or Benjies found in Path of Exile, while the Chaos Orbs are the equivalent of the 10s. The vast majority of players don’t spend them either, and the sole purpose for which they are used is to purchase META builds. If you have an abundance of them, then you can use them to give a rare item a new random quality by applying it to the item’s properties.

5 – Awakener’s Orb

Crafters place a high value on the Awakener’s Orb because it allows them to create perfect copies of items, even though doing so results in the destruction of the original item. Imagine it as a copy-and-paste orb in Path of Exile, but for items that have influences (such as Elder and Shaper).

The cost is high; at the time of this writing, it can be purchased in Standard for close to three hundred and fifty Chaos Orbs. The fact that it can only be obtained from Sirus, Awakener of Worlds in the Atlas makes acquiring it a little more challenging. You can count yourself extremely fortunate, however, if one of these drops or if you can farm Sirus with sufficient consistency.

4 – Maven’s Orb

Enter the Maven’s Orb if you are looking for something that is even more expensive than the Awakener’s Orb. It is obtainable by defeating The Maven, one of the final bosses in the Atlas, and taking her loot. Before you can proceed, you are also required to have finished all of her challenges. Because of this, the Maven’s Orb can be purchased through trade for approximately 2,800 Chaos Orbs.

The Maven’s Orb is a wonderful tool for players who are working to perfect the items they have influenced. Its primary purpose is to improve the modifiers on the pieces of influenced armor you have in your collection. You could use it to get rich instead, or you could do anything else you want with it.

3 – Mirror Fragment

Since the Mirror Shards are not orbs, there are no predetermined values associated with them. The most you can do with them is stack them up until you have twenty of them, at which point you can turn them into a Mirror of Kalandra. I’ll go into more detail about that later. They can be purchased for approximately 5,500 Orbs of Chaos at the moment.

In Path of Exile, if you’ve managed to track down a few of these items, you can put them to use to retire. However, you can only obtain them by killing Harbingers or by traveling to locations that feature the Harbinger League flag.

2 – Eternal Orb

The price of an Eternal Orb is significantly higher than that of a Mirror Shard, coming in at over 87,000 Chaos Orbs for a single one of these babies. If you get one of these, which is impossible because they don’t drop, it would be better for you to ask for Exalted Orbs as payment at that point.

As a result, it is possible to keep track of the total number of Eternal Orbs present in the game. Why is it of such high quality? Because it creates an imprint of an item, which allows you to revert the item back to its original state (its imprint) in the event that its crafting or its stats were altered incorrectly. It is overpriced and costly, just like every other type of insurance.

1 – Mirror Of Kalandra

The Mirror of Kalandra is the most difficult-to-obtain and valuable form of currency in the game. Its usefulness is proportional to its rarity because the Mirror of Kalandra can be used to create an exact copy of an item, despite the fact that the copy will be marked as a duplicate and cannot be further modified after it has been created. You can get it from Mirror Shards or through Divination Cards. Both of these methods are available.

In spite of the fact that it should be simpler to acquire than Eternal Orbs, the asking price is over 100,000 Chaos Orbs. It’s too bad the majority of you who have read this won’t probably have it, but that’s okay; I’ll stick with my Chaos Orb no matter what!

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