Popular Events You Can Now Hold Virtually This 2021

No one has anticipated the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Many have believed that it will not last for more than a year, but the current situation proves otherwise. Apart from the commercial establishments, events and production have taken a severe hit from the global pandemic.

Health restrictions, such as the prohibition of mass gathering and border lockdowns, has forced many events and meetings to be cancelled indefinitely.

But thanks to technology, many events have been carried out through a hybrid event in Singapore. Social media, streaming sites, and other online communication tools are only a few examples of a virtual event platform in Singapore that made pulling off our favourite events possible. Learn more about the famous and well-loved events you can now hold online.

Unique Events You Can Now Hold Virtually This 2021

Let us skip the webinars, online workshops, and online conferences that have been going around for a long time. Yes, even before the COVID-19 pandemic, online meetings have been held around the world to cater to global audiences. Do you know that a virtual event organiser in Singapore manages conferences of multinational companies and their local subsidiaries? This part will discuss unique events online.

Virtual Music Concert

Are you a big fan of bands and singers? Many organisers and concert productions cancelled concerts, world tours, and even annual music festivals in many countries upon the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is no reason to be gloomy about these cancellations. Many artists and singers go beyond the norm by starting virtual concerts.

Among the famous singers who opt for an online concert is the American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish. Upon the cancellation of her Where Do We Go? World Tour in 2020, Eilish launched her Where Do We Go? The Livestream in the same year.

With the use of extended reality (XR) technology and interactive Livestream was able to deliver a successful music concert online.

On the other hand, the K-Pop act BTS held the Guinness World Records title for most viewers for a music concert live stream for their pay-per-view online concert called BANG BANG CON The Live in 2020. The virtual show garnered 756,000 Livestream viewers globally. The group broke this world record with their Map of the Soul ON:E that accumulated nearly a million viewers globally in the same year.

Many artists today see the potential of virtual music concerts. They now hire the best virtual event organiser in Singapore to pull off such events.

Virtual Healthcare and Wellness

Remote health consultations are not relatively new in the medical field. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients consult their physicians through telehealth and telemedicine.

However, this method has ramped up during the pandemic. Virtual healthcare is a “virtual visit” with your doctor through the use of virtual conferences. Although this virtual consultation is beneficial regarding schedule and travel flexibility, it has some limitations as well.

Virtual consultation is not applicable for the in-depth diagnosis of issues and diseases and treatment. However, this method is helpful in the remote monitoring of patients.

On the other hand, many businesses and even individuals hire a virtual event company in Singapore to conduct wellness events as a part of the organisation’s recreational activity for their employees. For example, employers grant free yoga classes and Tai Chi classes for their staff to reduce the burden of work from setup. Fitness and yoga instructors themselves use a virtual event platform in Singaporeto conduct their online sessions.

Fireside Chats

If you are familiar with webinars and conferences, you might have encountered fireside chats. A fireside chat is simply a discussion between a guest and moderator in an informal yet structured way. Think of it as your favourite talk show but with audience participation and interaction.

Compared to your TED Talk like seminars, fireside chats are more intimate and focused on the trust-based exchange of information.

Many organisations and companies hold ahybrid fireside chat event in Singapore for their employees and audience. Because of its less formal setup, the speakers and the audience are more laid back in sharing interesting things and topics they want to discuss.


Virtual Celebrations

Apart from concerts, festivals, and sports leagues, huge celebrations, such as company anniversaries, weddings, and other holiday parties, have been switched online for the meantime.

Because of the strict restrictions on mass gathering and leisure activities that are still in place in many countries, people do the safer way to celebrate– online parties!

Interestingly, there are virtual exhibition companies in Singapore that take public celebrations seriously. Sometimes, filming and live streaming the event is not enough; companies hire professional crews, videographers, and event organisers to launch virtual celebrations. It all happens while adhering to the local government’s health protocols.

Virtual Team Building

It is common for companies to hold team building activities for their employees annually. Groups and organisations also conduct team building activities during their general assemblies.

But again, due to the ongoing pandemic, these leisure activities have been halted indefinitely. Yet, it doesn’t stop people from conducting one.

Thanks to technology and avirtual event company in Singapore, team building activities resume at the comforts of your home. Employees can still have fun even in a remote work setup by participating in online team games, including escape room mystery games, guessing games, and trivia contests. It all happens via avirtual event platform in Singapore.

Final Words

In these trying times, we cannot do the things we used to do without jeopardising our health. But this is where technology comes and the people who are experts in manipulating it. Virtual exhibition companies in Singaporeallow people to enjoy the things they love to do in the “new normal” setup– virtual event.


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