Phoenix AZ HOA Management And How Are They Flourished

In Arizona, Phoenix HOA Management Companies is growing at an exponential rate in housing developments and it is constantly aiming to accommodate continued population growth by targeting both individuals as well as families living in the city. Most commonly, regardless of whether single-family homes, or condominiums, or other types of planned communities, these housing developments are turning to homeowner’s associations to maintain their properties. Though HOAs are completely advantageous to its residents, many HOA Phoenix boards often due to the strict laws, struggle with all of the duties demanded by their HOAs.  At City Property Management Company, they help alleviate the problems HOA boards have. It is done by providing HOA Phoenix management services that will help the association run smoothly without any hindrance.

What are the services they do for HOA Management

There are several services that the Phoenix HOA Management Companies provides as a management company. These services differ in complexity, depending on the needs of people’s HOA, and they relieve the burden of many management responsibilities which is fallen on the HOA management boards and the individual HOA members. From assuming administrative and business duties to overseeing teams of laborers, the city property services include the following:

  • They give 24/7 maintenance repairs
  • Provides Property care (including landscaping, lawn care, carpet cleaning for interior common facilities e.g. clubhouse, elevator repairs, etc.)
  • Helps in Accounting and bookkeeping services with CPAs and licensed bookkeepers
  • Enforces CC&R
  • Regulates Collections processes for overdue HOA fees
  • Legal assistance, including laws surrounding real estate, homeowners’ rights, etc
  • Board training
  • Technology (to assist HOA members to pay monthly fees etc)

They also staff their organization with professionals from the Phoenix area with the ability to perform all of these services. This brings down the stress and many of the responsibilities placed on HOA Phoenix boards of directors. Due to needing to find reliable employees and contractors to maintain the integrity of their facilities and HOA, these services act as a healing factor in many ways.


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