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If you are playing low buy-in poker tables or tournaments , the chances of you seeing raises of three times the initial bet are very low, so the 4-bet would be done directly, in addition in this game, almost certainly When someone re-raises (second re-raise) it is because they have aces or kings. A 4-bet attracts the attention of the table, remember that.

Look for you Now

Now bandarq Betting is one of the most powerful weapons in poker for preflop play, which also makes the move a great bluff tool. On the other hand, when you 4-bet with aces, you will only be able to play hands if the opponent has really good cards.

Keep in mind that 4-betting as it is known would entail a final bet of 20 big blinds or more, so this move should never be taken as a joke and you must be clear when to do it or when not to.

In this article we are going to break down the mechanisms of 4-betting, showing you how to use it both as a bluff and to do it to increase the value of your hand, as well as with what cards you can perform it (range of action).

Bet as Lantern

To get 4-bet e to work and pay off, you need to find situations in which the first bettor and the one who re-raises before your moment normally plays with a wide range of hands but will abandon the play if another move appears.

  • The two main factors to take into account when determining are the aggressiveness or not of the players who have acted before and the position from which they make the raises and re-raises.
  • You always have to analyze and take into account how many hands your opponents usually play and when after their raises, how often they see the re-raises of other players. To successfully bluff 4-bet, you should look for players who open bet or 3-bet a lot, especially if they tend to fold later.
  • Similarly, many players bet or re-raise with a greater number of hands when in position. There is a big difference between betting and re-raising when you are in the early or late positions (like the cut-off or the dealer).

When you 4-bet, you have to always try to do it against players who tend to bet and raise previous bets from early position, while you are in late position. Note that by bluffing (as an example) 4-betting when you have an ace, you want the opponent to have no AK or better.

Increase the value of your hands

When you are going to 4-bet to increase the profit of a great hand, you must look for different players and situations than when you bluff. Because you bet with what you think is the best hand, you want players to see your move with a worse play.


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